Victoria 3: Victoria 3 – Understanding the User Interface – A Guide for Leaders

This series of videos is designed to help you understand the User Interface, beginning with some basic overviews of the “main screen” and then digging a bit deeper further down the line.

Be sure to let me know what other topics you would like me to cover from a User Interface Perspective, and over time this might evolve into a general guide system!

Full UI Tutorial Overview

This first video combines all of the “main screen” UI elements you will experience – from the top Capacities to the right panel, your Lenses at the bottom and wrapping up with the left panel and your extensive layout of buttons.

Capacities, Country Info & More – Top Bar UI

This is a dedicated snippet from the overall tutorial. In this video we’ll take a look at the information available in your Top Bar, from your Country Information, to Capacities and what they mean, along with Money and the range of smaller info underneath.

Construction & Outliner Information

The right side of your screen features accessible information, primarily your Construction/Building Queue along with an Outliner of important/starred pieces about your country.

Understanding the Bottom Lenses

There’s A LOT of usable information within the Lens system at the bottom of your screen. Use it to your advantage, as we’ll discuss in this video.

Population, Cultures & Other Minor Buttons

The left panel is broken down into Major and Minor buttons. We’ll focus on the Minor Buttons, going over Population, Cultures, Technology and more, along with how these can help you figure out the makeup of your empire.

Budget, Market & Other Major Buttons

The Major Buttons on the left panel encompass more impactful content for your empire – things like your Budget/Money, Market, Politics and more. These are pretty important to understand, so we will be taking a deeper dive into these 5 in the near future.

Victoria 3 – Understanding the User Interface – A Guide for Leaders Detail

This game haveFavorites category. The areas that the game has are very fun, so you can spend hours without getting bored at all. In this guide we tell you “Character Guide, Mission Guide, Begginer Guide, Item Guide”. You can download all this content from our site completely free of charge in the form of a pdf extension.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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