Victoria 3: Fixing “General Error” for Settings.formatVersion

The Issue
As of launch day, I encoutered the pictured issue in the Paradox launcher:

Thankfully the launcher settings are easy to find, and as JSON, is easily editable by any text editor!

The Fix
1. Right-click on Victoria 3 in your steam library. Find and click “Browse local files”.
2. You should see a window open to your local Victoria 3 installation. Open the “launcher” folder.
3. Open “launcher-settings.json” with any basic text editor (not Word!).
4. Find the “formatVersion” value, which should be at the top. It was “1.1” for me; change it to just “1” (sans quotes).
5. Relaunch, and you should be good!

I hope this helps!

Fixing “General Error” for Settings.formatVersion Detail

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