Slime Rancher 2: What to do if your Flutter Slimes are trying to start a revolution?

So, your Flutter Slimes have decided to rebel against your regime and start a revolution and you don’t know how to regain control?
Don’t worry, it’s a very common issue.
Here’s what to do:

Diagnosing The Problem
Diagnosing The Problem

The first step to solving the problem is diagnosing it.

You may notice some odd behaviours in your Flutter Slimes which can suggest a revolution.
Some of these actions may include but are not limited to:

1. Hen Hen Manipulation
Here we can see that the Flutter Slime utilising fear to manipulate Hen Hens into following and taking part in the Flutter Slime Revolution (FSR for short), this is a vital part in their take over and will be seen quite commonly.

2. Deceiving The Public
In this image, we can see the Flutter Slime attempting to gain a reputation and significance on the Ranch through deceiving fellow slimes into thinking that you are mistreating them and that under the rule of the Iron-Fisted Flutter Slimes they would be in much better condition.

3. Assault.
This is the most obvious and shocking evidence of all.
This here is my Flutter Slime named Budders as he was expected to be able to be my buddy and resembles a butterfly, but in a heart-breaking turn of events, I was assaulted by Budders in an attempt to take me out of the picture once and for all.
Do not take this attempt lightly! Budders nearly succeeded in taking over the Ranch through an assassination attempt on my life. This could be you.

How To Solve The Issue
How To Solve The Issue

The easiest way to take care of the Flutter Slime Revolution is to rid of all the Flutter Slimes on your Ranch, it may be hard but do not fall for their innocence! I have made this mistake in the past and was banished from my Ranch into the vast expanse of the Slime Sea with no hope of return.

How To Rid Of The Flutter Slimes

If you’re still in the position where you can deal with them you cannot do it so carefree.
If you attempt to simply toss all of the Flutter Slimes out of the Ranch, you’re showing the rest of the slimes your fear, you’re showing them that you perceived the FSR as a threat, your showing them that they could revolt against you and take over the Ranch with ease.
This is how your slimes will react to you throwing out your Flutter Slimes.

You’re probably asking ‘But how do I get rid of them then?!’
There’s still a way but it will be dangerous.

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to amass a selection of different plorts, this should be easy if you’re already ranching multiple slimes.
  2. Secondly, you’ll need to hide a separate slime just outside of your ranch and shoot all the different plorts at it, this should create a Tarr Slime (If it doesn’t produce a Tarr Slime, check your settings and turn them on).
  3. Next, you’ll want to shoot it at your Ranch without any slimes seeing you, if successful, the Tarr should start eating all the Flutter Slimes but there may be a few casualties.
  4. Finally, after waiting a day or so you can return to your Ranch and fend off the Tarr, this will show your remaining slimes that you can be the saviour of them displaying your power as a leader whilst the Flutter Slimes should be taken care of by the Tarr.
    If some Flutter Slimes still remain whilst you take care of the Tarr, simply accidentally toss them into the Slime Sea along with the Tarr. Here’s an example:

You should now have successfully reclaimed rightful ownership of your Ranch and taken down the FSR.

How To Cope With A Successful Takeover
How To Cope With A Successful Takeover

There is a chance you may have discovered the Flutter Slime Revolution too late.

In this situation, there is no recovering the Ranch, the slimes will revolt and the Flutter Slimes will send you out to the Slime Sea, never to be seen again.

Here’s me getting sent out to the Slime Sea by Budders after the first successful Flutter Slime Revolution.

As far as I am aware, there is no way to recover after a successful Flutter Slime Revolution. If anyone can find a way to recover after a successful FSR, please let me know and I will update this guide.

Sorry if this has happened to you, I give my condolences.


I hope this helps you to avoid your own Flutter Slime Revolution and if you’ve already failed, I hope this teaches you how to avoid the revolution in the future.

Thank you for your time.

Additional Information
To create the most powerful Tarr Slime you should follow create one using the following:

  1. For a base you should use a Tabby Slime, this is because Tabby Slimes jump at you and other slimes to ‘boop’ them on the nose. Tabby Slimes also can hold their food in their mouth allowing them to hold their prey in place, this is most commonly seen with carrots. Tabby Slimes are also quite agile and throw themselves around to get to their food, primarily hen hens, faster than other slimes. Alternatively you could utilise a Hunter Slime as these share the agility of Tabby Slimes whilst also holding food in their mouth but instead of getting close they utilise their camouflage to hide themselves and make themselves essentially invisible which can allow them to sneak up on their prey without being noticed.
  2. For the first plort you should feed your base a Crystal Slime plort as this will give spikes on their outsides which makes them deal strong contact damage, this combos well with the ‘booping’ tactic of Tabby Slimes. Crystal Slimes also utilise spike piles to amass damage on a target with ease, you may have noticed this when running through a pile of their spikes which can take you from 100 hp to 20 in a second. This also would allow them to impale their opponents, pinning them in place for the next and final slime combination to show its true power.
  3. For the final plort you should use a Boom Slime plort, this will allow the newly created Tarr Slime to impale its opponents using the Crystal Slime’s powers and then whilst they are stuck in place, it can toss itself at the opponent using the ‘boop’ and agility from the Tabby Slime, this will cause the opponent to be either flung into the Slime Sea or be simply evaporated. The ‘boop’ also works especially well with this as it can toss itself at it’s prey causing contact damage from the Crystal Slime plort and then during the fling it can start to explode as to explode just after making contact with those dastardly Flutter Slimes.

Additionally, if you’re having problems with creating a Tarr Slime as you have got them turned off, you can always re-enable them in your settings menu or alternatively you can use @NudistenWafel’s technique of holding a Rock, Crystal or Boom Slime Largo and ‘accidentally’ launching them at a Flutter Slime just before they’re about to roll or explode.

How To ‘Successfully’ Ranch Flutter Slimes

The Slime Rancher wiki suggests that you keep them roaming free as they don’t eat any food aside from nectar but if you do this you are likely to have an FSR on your hands.
The best advice I can give for housing Flutter Slimes is to avoid it at all costs and exterminate any you find in the wild and loot their plort droppings for your research. (This is also un-ironically the best way to get their plorts at the moment as you can’t properly farm nectar :p )

To successfully ensnare these plagues on your Ranch you are going to want to designate a large portion of land to them e.g., The Den or better yet The Tidepools as it is the furthest plot of land you can build on. You will want to build a Corral with High Walls, an Air Net and a Music Box to hopefully reduce their aggression, this however will not house them as they have the best flight abilities of all known slimes. It is also recommended to have the Meat Slime Bait gadget placed near their Corral whilst also combining the Flutter Slimes with a meat eating slime type (e.g., Boom Slime, Tabby Slime, Hunter Slime, etc.) as it will reduce the amount that they far from their Corral.

You should also ensure that an Incinerator is nearby to the Flutter Slimes so that they can be disposed as quickly as possible in the highly likely event of an emergency. Do keep in mind that you can have ponds with Puddle Slimes and also put Fire Slimes in the Incinerator as these two slime types are so incredibly calm, passionate and trusting towards you and would never be deceived by the Flutter Slimes and act as a defence for your Ranch lowering the moral of the Flutter Slimes as they expect that all of your slimes are as great as your Fire and Puddle Slimes.

Do be aware that although this will severely cushion the chances of an FSR occurring, it will not negate the chances.

What to do if your Flutter Slimes are trying to start a revolution? Detail

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