Per Aspera: How to Switch Branches [Geen Mars Update]

How to Switch Branches
In this guide, we are going to explain how to switch branches on Steam. And you may be wondering “why do I need to know this?”.
Well, our team is constantly working to improve Per Aspera, and sometimes that means introducing new mechanics into the game, which may cause your current saves to be incompatible. Switching branches would help you go back to a previous version of the game and continue playing those saved games.

Branches and Betas are the same, a specific version that introduces new content, and that we have made available for you on Steam.
In this context, keep in mind that our “Advanced branch” is where we preview the changes that will be rolling soon to everyone. It’s basically a beta of the next update.

What happens if I don’t switch branches?

As we mentioned above, your saved games may not be compatible with the latest version of the game, such as the Green Mars update. If you don’t switch branches, you may not be able to continue playing those saved games and you will have to start a new one or switch branches to the 1.4.5 branch.
Got it! Now, how do I switch branches?

Switching branches is super easy on Steam. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to your Steam game library and find “Per Aspera”.

2) Right-click on “Per Aspera” in the list and access its “Properties”.

3) Once the properties window is open, click on the “Betas” sub-menu.

4) In the drop-down menu, select the branch you would like to play.

5) That’s it! Your game should begin on the selected version. 🎉

How to Switch Branches [Geen Mars Update] Detail

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