Muse Dash: Hidden Achievements List

The Hidden

GENTLEMAN: Hit the mascot character on the ENTER screen more than 10 times in a row.

Give Up Treatment: Clear a Lv.4 or Lv.4+ stage without collecting red hearts.

Hands of God: Achieve 100% accuracy in a Lv 6 or Lv.6+ stage.

Is That OK?: Clear a stage without knocking back enemies.

Inner World: Play any Hidden Sheet

Majinku: Achieve grade “S” of Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6 on hard or master mode.

You Peak at It: Achieve grade “Silver S” in a Lv.7 or Lv.7+ stage.

One More Needed: Achieve only 1 “Miss” judgement in a Lv.7 or Lv7+ stage.

Tutorial: Achieve grade “Silver S” of Heart-Pounding Flight on hard mode.

Muse Master: Get all achievements except hidden ones.

THE [email protected]: Get all achievements.

I may have missed a few hidden ones since I already got them. Feel free to correct me as well and I’ll add it to the list.

Hidden Achievements List Detail

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