Marauders: Solo basics for extraction shooter beginners.

Basic introduction and tips
I’ll be assuming A lot here, mostly that you’ve read the in-game help and new player guide.
I’m not going to be getting into many of the basic basics or the intricacies, but more talking about strategies that will net you results as a solo, and get you thinking about the game in a less linear sense.
Lets get into it

Your gear doesn’t matter
Leave it at home you wont need it here.
Your ship has a pistol, enough ammo for 4+ clips, and a chest rig that provides small amounts of extra storage, but i wouldn’t worry too much about any of it, you’ll only be using it briefly.

Less men, not less power
As a solo, you might think your at a disadvantage, you’re not. You may have less numbers, but you have more options.
People behave predictably when in groups, the more people, the more predictable. If you expect this, you can use it to your advantage.

Everything is loud!
all of your actions from running, to standing up, to aiming down sights make noise, and as it is right now… NONE of it is tuned right, and it’s all very loud, and hard to pinpoint above/below.
This is a solos advantage.
“Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.”
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use the fact that both you, the ai, and your enemy all can hear everything around them and confuse them with it. run toward and away, set up aburpt ambushes, hit and run, scummy pirate tactics.

Use your brain!
The biggest advantage you have as a solo is your brain. People have a tenancy to get dumb, and complacent when they believe they have a numbers advantage.
This boils down to basic human psychology of safety in numbers, and it means predictability for you.
When a situation is predictable it allows you to execute any number of available options to solve the problem.

Dont get greedy
It’s important to remember, there is no shame in living. if you got some loot and you hear footsteps, and you’re not full health.
just run dude
There is literally no shame in turning tail and running. It’s your life, your money, your ship, don’t lose it because of your ego.

Basic solo scenarios for succesful raids.
I just want to put a few basic options for a solo player to approach a raid in this section to get people who may be having trouble getting on their feet

One: Fast and hard
-bring nothing and hit fast and hard. – grab your pistol and rig, rush the lock asap, hop out and breach the lock asap, get a couple npc kills for gear, and keep going or set up your ambush for incoming teams.
This is by far the riskiest option, but when you bring none of your own loot, you have very little to lose, and everything to gain.

Two: slow and steady.
-grab your ships gear, hop on the wheel and move slowly towards cover, watch the space for ships, look for alternate poi’s, assess the situation and act on any targets of opportunity, the goal here is to third party a space fight, if you do it efficiently you’ll kill the pilot on their ship before even getting in your drop pod to board. If it works well you’ll get a full kit or more, and can either push in or go home.
This option is a good mix of risk and safe play, for those who want to feel more active, without jumping into the fray head first. It leaves a lot of flexibility allowing you to either hang out for a quiet entry, or go headlong into a dogfight.

Three: delayed entrance.
-this one is pretty straight forward. grab your gear, get in your ship, do the same as step two, just don’t engage. eventually everyone left will get in the poi, wait 5 more minutes after that (or less depending if anyone saw you) then enter, at this point everyone should be deeper inside, dead, or left/leaving and you can loot to your hearts content.
This is probably the safest way to go about things while also getting the most reward, it’s just one of the less active and more boring ways to go about it, involving a lot of patience and waiting.

Lastly: The scumbucket
I do not condon these options, but they exist and are viable in their own right, if morally dubious.

take scenario three but instead of entering wait outside the entrance to the poi, and hope an unlucky traveler with a ship full of loot is trying to escape with his last 20 health. just light him up, usually he’ll be dead when his ship explodes.
This can be done in an escape pod for the ultimate un-sportsmanship awward.

Timing and strategy fellas. make it work for you. create predictable situations, and execute on your prey.

Solo basics for extraction shooter beginners. Detail

This game haveFavorites category. You will understand how easy the game is as you read our game guide. There are all kinds of details about the game in the manual. We present the Game Guide to you as a pdf file. The guide may be a little long, but read it without getting bored, because you will learn everything.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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