Marauder: Walkthrough and FAQ (items, guns, skills etc.)

FAQ is based on retail version of the game, which was only available in Polish gaming magazine Play! from January 2012.
Don’t know the difference between that one and Steam version (released in February 2014) but it’s surprisingly stable, considering the fact that previous Aperion games were full of bugs and glitches.
Only one old glitch remain – when you send character somewhere, and cancel the order nearby some obstacle – it might stuck inside.

Game is set in the word, which looks like that from first Mad Max movie – there was no apocalypse (nuclear or not), but the order is gone, government sold his country to the west, their troops (Peacekeepers) came to capture strategic points (power plants, warehouses, factories)…
Game take place in region of South Ural, “Big Thirty”, in Chelyabinsk-40 city called Ozersk, known for being grand industry zone.
Ex-cops and militia turned into raiders, terrorizing those, who swore to protect. And there are so called “marauders”, who wander around collecting everything that bring profit.
We play as one of them, named Akhmetzyanov, or just Akhmet. Not a positive character, just want to survive next day. Hero, only for his beloved wife.

Hints and Tips
-try to choose talents, that compensate inferior parameters or skills, yours or other teammates.
-if you have more than one bag or backpack – place one (filled with items) in your hand and other on your back, to get as many items from mission as you can. Don’t forget to drop them before fight.
-you don’t need to buy everything new in the Bazaar. Most of the time they can be found in the
next missions.
-you get best price when you sell certain item to right merchant.
-collect every item that contain electronic parts inside. There’s trader in the Bazaar that buy it for full price and you get XP for the deal. But you need to initiate it via dialogue line (by calling his wares “a piece of junk”). Same with Medicines, whiskey and dog skins.
-there’s no random encounters in this game. No way to grind here, sorry.
-repair kits have different function in this game compared to previous Apeiron titles. Once used to maintain weapons and clean them after every battle – now they repair guns based on your Engineering skill.
-Hearing is important skill, which allow you to detect incoming enemies, giving you time to hide, prepare or change gun when you run out of ammo in primary weapon. On higher level you can even notice sneaking enemies.
-you can set the game speed with Num+ and Num-, useful when you need to sneak for the long distance.
-there is few translation errors in the game, that you can fix via .cfg file edition. One is for grenades for underbarrel and launcher, other is for speed control.
-weapon description contain various informations, like “To Ready” time. Sniper rifles and machineguns have high one, as opposite to pistols.
-burst from automatic weapons like assault rifles and machineguns can use different amount of bullets, just set right amount of bullets under the weapon icon on the HUD.
-learn to use different aiming for appropriate situation, it’s not a good idea to aim down sight when enemy is on the reach of rock throw.
-speaking about rocks – they’re dangerous. Getting dazed often lead to Game Over it there’s enemy nearby.
-food is really expensive so don’t hesitate to grab one after mission for addition profit. There is no Hunger meter to fill.
-rifles can fold stock. It decrease time to get them ready to shot but give penalty to accuracy.
-ammunitions serve as currency in the game.
Fives” = 5,45x39mm bullets, default.
Nines” = 9mm bullets, you need 2 of them to get 1 “five”.
7,62x39mm are “seven” and are worth 2 “fives” or 4 “nines”.
Shotgun ammunition (buckshots and slugs) is not used in barter.
-items from backpack need some time to take out, while pockets are faster but those in the vest are fastest.
-remember to dismount accessories via right click on the gun. Clicking on them via weapon window make the game crash.
-to fix 40mm grenade bug – go to the Man of Prey\INI\ITEMS folder, find file ADDONINFO, open it and find line “GrenadeType”, you notice two values with “40вкл” or something like that. Change it to “40 mm” and now you can reload 40mm grenades without problem.
-don’t use Quick Aim in grenade launchers (underbarrel and RG-6), they fly into the sky. Devs wanted to remove QuickAim option for these weapons but they didn’t.

Walkthrough – Chapter I + Bazaar
First mission start with tutorial. You can learn about basic control. Find some junk here and meet unconscious soldier to test melee combat but watch out – he may wake up and stunlock you!
Grab crowbar and bag (work as backpack).

When you clean out the warehouse go outside and watch out for soldiers.
One of them is on the yard, second in the nearby bushes and another wander nearby.
There is a chest on the guard post, pass the yard, but you need to have high strength or good engineering skill to open it. It contain scope for your shotgun (work best with slugs loaded) and grenades.
Leave the base, check the container at the bus stop (medkit, cap) and watch the cutscene.
Enemies are not aware of your presence and flee if you take down one of them. I took two with both slugs and last one with Makarov.They don’t have anything worth though.
Check the nearby building to find kettle, repair kits and lockpicks. You may find bottle of moonshine on the nearby graveyard. Grab it, it comes handy in the next mission.
Don’t go to the car! It’s a lure for unwanted looters, like you. It’s actually designed for you. Sneak around the building and find the ladder to get up (there’s shotgun nearby but it’s worn out). Jump into the room. Doors are locked and enemies will be alarmed when you lockpick the doors or pry open with crowbar. Either stay in the room or jump out, which is recommended if you don’t want to be swarmed by group. Play some Tetris with equipment (food cost some money, remember that) then go to the exit point.

When you get home go upstairs and put guns away, you don’t need them on the Bazaar, unless they required repairs and upgrades. Check other apartment for items, get radio from the car and open wooden boxes in the garage.

This is your first time here so you need to know few things.
Always pay for passage. You need to pay again when you leave the map via nearby maker.
Don’t walk here with guns in your hands!
Trades buy and sell only certain type of items (besides ammo, cigarettes and food).
Some of them have additional job for you – for the whole game, until you gather all of the required items – for nice gift at the 3/4 of the game.
Ask the traders about anything and get the jobs to collect required items.
To sell electronic items – tell Professor (that guy with glasses) that his wares are piece of junk.
I know it’s strange but here is.

Chapter II
Seems like some raiders set their hideout nearby your house. Get 53 5,45 bullets, then buy aceton and pack of ammonium nitrate from Professor. Get back to the house and use oven.
Before you move to the Culture Hall you should have guns (obviously), lockpick or crowbar (depend on your Strength or Engineering skill) and bottle of moonshine or cigarettes. If you didn’t got some from first mission then get to the Bazaar and buy them. Don’t forget about pair of canisters that you made on the oven.

Go to the another map but don’t come closer to the Culture Hall, and don’t walk around with weapon in your hands (or on your back)! Talk to the hobo near the entrance and ask for his clothes, in exchange for cigarettes or bottle of moonshine. Now you can get inside but don’t drop canisters before you clean the whole building.
You can do it without turning robbers hostile. Grab whiskey, AKS-74U, APS, ammo belt, laser aiming module suppressor, put other stuff in the trash can outside the building, then start the fight. You may put the canisters and run, but chances that you get to the other side, and drop the second canister, is not high if not impossible.

Now here comes the hardest part, one of the hardest battles in the game (like the game was easy at all) where you fight with group of bandits with double barrelled shotgun, pistol and some grenades. You might use AKS-74u but ammo at this stage is scarce and you have only one magazine (to reload – you need to put bullets into empty magazine, which take a lot of time). It’s good idea to stay in the room with Fatman, wait for them and take one by one, then jump out of the corner to shot and quickly hide.
You can set booby trap (combine tripwire kit with grenade, then click and move the mouse cursor while still holding the button), they come handy in the next mission too.
When you finish with them and take all items outside – drop canisters on the both side of the buildings (cursor change into hand with pointing finger when you set it in the right place) and move out.
Don’t worry about items you can’t get – you’ll come here again later in the game, just drop them in the trash can before you blow the building.

Chapter III – first assault
Assault start imminently, give you only moment to put mine or two somewhere on the staircase.
Watch out for the windows! The glass wall on the staircase wall let enemies shoot you. but you won’t see them.
Change position before they focus on our position.
You might wait for them in the apartment but there’s high chance to be surrounded by whole group.
Be careful around mines. Enemies might notice them but can’t disarm them so they stay nearby.
Mines don’t have “friends or foes system” and detonate, when something stomp on them.
And don’t forget that bullets will ricochet in the tight corridors, remember about it when you fight inside and want to drop some explosives.
When you eliminate certain amount of hostile NPCs there will be message from “agitators” (leaders of the crowd), who will spawn more enemies as long as they stay alive. There is 3 or 4 of them in the yard, one is always near garages while other is nearby bus stop.
You will find Saiga shotgun somewhere in the remains.

Chapter IV – base
Your mission here is to disarm every explosive placed in the area.
Walk slowly (you can change game speed with Num+ and Num- if you want) and go to the shack behind the containers.
There are mines inside. Disarm them and grab mine detector. Walk around the map and disarm anything with big M above it.
Watch out – there will be assault of the marauders after disarming last mine. Either run around containers or hide behind the building and send slugs at them.
Commander is immortal NPC and death of the squad is not “game over” situation.
Enemies with rifles are top priority targets.

Next map is set underground. As earlier – you need to disarm explosives, so it’s good idea to take mine detector with you. Watch out at the staircase, there are Claymores that are faced at them.
Remember to take backpack, kobra colimator for Saiga, and Bra (actually it’s “Lifchik” it replace our old ammo belt), bipod and as many mines as you can for two large home defence missions.
Before you finish disarm you’ll be attacked by group of soldiers. Their leader wear armour under uniform (you won’t see it on his character model), making him invulnerable to 9mm and shotgun ammo. Aiming to the head is the way but it’s dangerous, his weapon is faster to prepare and fire (SMG with folded stock).
You can take his vest and wear so try to not damage it with your bullets.

Chapter V – second house defence
First house defence, decreasing game speed is highly recommended.
You get new team member named Vitek, plain immortal but it’s better to keep him concious. It’s good idea to make him a sniper guy and medic, so take right perk when he reach new level.
When you walk to the Bazaar – pay for the entry for you and Vitek, but on the contrary – XP from selling electronic is not shared between members and everyone get the same amount of XP like you, alone.
Click on the machinegun, which is in your apartment.
After cutscene you have 3min30sec to prepare before soldiers arrive. Be warned that your house is changed.
Now more rooms are available and whole construction turned into sort of labyrinth. Pause the game and check it carefully, so you have lesser chance to be surprised by the enemies, who sneak inside (better not let them in). It’s important to change position, both as a sniper on the windows and machinegunner.
Being a sitting duck is worst you can do. When battle start – hide for a moment, so enemies advance instead right into your traps. Remember that’s not like Rambo – dozen of enemies at once, into one target, with low chance to hit is lethal.
Place mines outside, near the house entry and around the park. If you want to cheat a bit – start the battle, see where enemies spawn and place mines here. And inside the building obviously (just don’t forget that mines blow when you walk on them too.
After battle grab PSO-1 x4 scope, medium flak vest (you can place armored plates under it for additional protection), RPK (don’t bother without high Heavy Weapons and certain Talents) and AKS-74.

Chapter VI
Don’t forget to talk with Vitek, team members don’t join automatically with new chapters. They have option to Guard the House, but it have no use. Might be remaining of ideas, that were cut out due deadlines, because nobody will attack the house except designed chapters, three of them to be precise.
If you have some containers (backpacks, bags) then get them with you.
You start in the alley. Don’t run straight to the building! If you had read journals and dialogues carefully – you’ll remember something about dogs. Don’t underestimate them, the way melee work in this game make them deadly foe.Try to lure them one by one, if you can. And don’t forget to check them after battle for the skins for Masha in Bazaar.
If Vitek get level-up then spend that point on talent increasing his weight limit, it pay off in the future.
When you’re done with them then go to the building. Be careful though, it’s full of traps and there are enemies a floor above. You might take some of them from other side of the building with Vitek’s sniper rifle.
There are two neutral marauders nearby so be careful with explosives, if you want to use any.
Grab heavy helmet, titanium armor plate and underbarrel grenade launcher. Go outside the building and walk carefully to the north. Building in NE is opened but there is not much to find here except locked safe, which can’t be opened in any way, and few mines.
On the NW you find another pack of dogs, bit smaller than previous one. Walk through the hole in the wall, notice blood prints, walk to the right and find AKM in the wooden chest.
Don’t talk with Serb until you’re done with loot management. One thing – you might find ammo belt for machineguns.
Don’t walk with whole belt – unload it so it take only two squares instead of 6.
It’s highly recommended to NOT sell electronic loot and dog skins until Serb join your team, so he get XP too.
Return to your house, stash loot in the safe, get some empty bags and prepare for first side mission.

*side mission 1
There is new NPC on the Bazaar. Talk with him and agree to find his lost daughter. Under any
circumstances DO NOT buy meat from other new NPC. You will see why soon. You won’t like it…
Go to the nearby bus wreckage, open the doors in the corner of the building. There will be few raiders inside and two mines. Do it fast because their backup come the same way you get there (south-west entrance).
You might recognize one of them, he tried to sell you meat. Go inside, grab the doll (covered in blood) and other items.
Now you see why you shouldn’t buy that meat pie.
Don’t sell all loot now, do this in the next chapter, when you can get Serb into your team.

Chapter VII
Next chapter will be tough and long, contain 3 difficult battles.
Bring the loot (skins, electronic, whiskey) and all your team to the Bazaar. If you searched the previous areas carefully – you will get rewards from Professor and Sanek.
Professor give you NATO collimator adapted for Warsaw Pact assault rifles, Sanek give you NV googles (useless).

There’s NPC labelled as a “Cop”, he ask you for revenge on Avtaikin, local boss, and to bring his watch as a proof. Another new NPC is Zhirik (wear cap and black leather jacket, stay in the House-Bazaar passage) with mediocre stats, will join to your team for this very long chapter.

Battle 1
Enter the new map (Avtaikin’s House), you’ll be in the east part of the map. Be extremely cautious, there are big dog pack on the south and east, try to bait small group and concentrate fire on them. Remember – if any of them reach your team members – he’s toasted. Take care of the groups, this way you can sneak nearby the house without alarming the raiders inside.
There is ruined house in the NW part of the map, excellent place for Vitek to support our group. But here is the trick – you can’t get it before combat start, you’ll be detected. Always, no matter what.Must be a scripted thing.

If you have talent, that increase your throwing skill, you can drop some F1 grenades through the windows. Remember that there are few mines around. Use Akhmet to detect them.
Open the doors to the 1st floor, carefully engage (use Jump out of the Corner if necessary). Be extremely careful, especially on the staircase. Enemies above have advantage here, so rely on the Vitek’a covering fire.

There is some doors that you can’t open with crowbar (Serb) or lockpicks (Akhmet), either kick them few time with Serb or shoot. You find safe which, surprise, can’t be opened with anything. Kick it few times, grab PKM, SVD, x8 scope and experimental magazine for SVD.
In the ruins, where Vitec covered you with his rifle, there is another safe (lockpicks work this time). It contain tourist backpack, RG-6 Bulldog grenade launcher and few 40mm grenades VOG25. I hope you fixed the translation error, that prevent reloading 40mm grenades (see 3.Hints)?
Check garages in the yard near the house, you’ll find drum magazine for RPK (fit to any assault rifle using similar calibre).

Now you should have enough skin for Masha, who give you improved medium vest (give it to Vitek). Bring the watch to the Cop, he give you the key to the safe, which is placed at the map from previous mission (old Administration base and Serb last stand).
It’s guarded by few robbers and contain Bizon submachine gun (useless at this stage of the game).
When you’re ready – talk to the Panevin, NPC who stay nearby your house and passage to the next map.

Battle 2
Without a shadow of doubt – the hardest fight in the game. More than 20 enemies. Raiders are not the problem here but the terrain itself.
Constant problem with line of fire, high change of getting surrounded or overwhelmed. Both assaulting and taking defensive position are not certain and whole encounter is based on luck. Check your map constantly.
Use the stun system well – fire grenades and when one is stunned – finish another raider. There is no time for ammo saving “for harder encounters”. because you’re already in one. I presume you fixed that 40mm reloading bug? Because you need it working, now.
PKM is useful here, just press LMB and draw the line of fire. There is no suppression effect here (in Brigade E5 and 7,62 High Calibre there was adrenaline jump but only for our characters).
Be careful, as some enemies might temporary go out of the combat (bleeding, shock, unconscious), then join again, in least expectable moment.That all I can say. Prepare for few attempts and constant corrections.
Good luck.
You’re gonna need it…

Battle 3
Your group went through ventilation – main gate is blocked with boulders, and explosive charges may lure more raiders. Spoiler: they come anyway.
Check the map and take Akhmet to the right, slowly walking to the point circled on the map. Be careful though, there are mines and it’s dark here, which may slow down detection.
Unfortunately NV googles don’t help you here, and there is no flashlight for guns, even though it’s only one of two instances, where they could be put in use. Switch is surrounded by mines, their arcs cover it completely.
Clean all rooms. There are doors that can’t be opened with crowbar or lockpicks. Don’t waste explosives and just kick it few times. You see health bar above doors.

When you’re done – go downside, to the point set on the map. You might send only one man down there, that way you don’t need to worry about sending whole squad back up.
Prepare for another assault.
They will come the same way your group came here. They will split into three small squads – two will go through both corridors, one stay at entrance and will be not easy to take down. Hope you still have spare 40mm grenades…
I set my squad in the kitchen (close combat – Serb or Zhirik, Akhmet), put Vitek at the doors that you smashed and cover the corridor. Now either put Serb or
Zhirik behind the bars near the kitchen, to cover the corridor with Vitek (to decrease the amount of troops that shoot at him). Last remaining group in the entrance might be taken with explosives (RG-6 highly recommended), direct approach is not good idea.
Sometimes Panevin die, it’s random event. Doesn’t stop the progress so don’t worry about this coward.

Noticeable items – Heavy bulletproof vest (despite what description say – there is no disadvantage), RPG-18 “Fly” (can be armed but not vice versa), ceramic armor plates, RG-6 grenade launcher.

Zhirik will leave you when you come to your house, his equipment (with backpacks and else) will go into your safe automatically. And no, you won’t join his fight, despite what he said.

Chapter VIII + Bazaar
New chapter start with battle right away. They can be handled with Vitek alone. But nothing stop you from testing new machinegun on them…
You don’t need to mount larger scopes than x1 for you sniper rifle, it only slow you down.
When you finish with them you get 3 minutes to set yourself for another waves. You might use one trick with inventory – Serb stay on the safe. He open safe, switch to the Akhmet and now he have access to the safe few floor and inches away. This time it’s life savior.
Spend it on checking new house, otherwise enemies might sneak by (it happen, even with mine field) and give you nasty surprise being hidden somewhere…
The best way to place mines is to put them around the corner, so AI won’t freeze, when they spot them. Remember to send Vitek to other windows, so enemies won’t focus fire on him and risk his life.

Check the map whenever you can. You will see NPCs noted on the map with yellow dots, they’re supposed to walk around circled building nearby.
That building is filled with explosives and detonator is in the MG nest, on the chest. It’s called “Blow this bastard up!” (no kidding).
Watch out for the sniper in the south-east corner of the map, he’s target number one.
When Akhmet say “Yeah, that’s it! Good work! A little more…Yeah, got it!” – activate the detonator.
Don’t be surprised if that take only few enemies down, or nobody. Oh, and shockwave will stun your team no matter what, cover won’t save you.
It’s good moment for remaining enemy forces to sneak into the house, or so called Akhmet’s Fortress. When enemy forces shrink up significantly – go outside and finish them off. Remember to carefully crawl between your mines.

New NPCs, another nasty side mission await.
First – there is Pashkin an the entrance. After conversation click RMB two times and talk to Serb, then force him to talk with Pashkin. Then use Akhmet to talk with Pashkin again, choose second dialog line to agree and join the fight.
New passage will be avaliable (not marked on the map, though). You might do another side quest, also pretty nasty. New merchant on the Bazaar sell heavy weapons, with one really suspicious item – 5,56x45mm. Doesn’t fit for weapons from Warsaw Pact.

*side mission 2
Talk with Zhirik upstairs. He ask you to bring him a girl from trader outside. Get some money from your house (or sell what you have with you), try to not upset the slave trader. Don’t talk with other guy, it pointless and only lead to fight. Don’t fight here or whole map turn hostile. Talk to Zhirik again and get fully upgraded SVD. Better to sell it and stick to the Vepr, that you got from other sidequest.

*side mission 3
There are two buildings in the middle – upper and lower. You start below lower one. Try to bring Vitek silently to the south and cover somewhere,
try to not expose him too much to the open field. This might give him attention of incoming enemies.
Place Serb nearby starting point to cover the battlefield with 40mm grenades and assault rifle.
Send Akhmet to the upper middle building, so enemies (who spawn in north-east corner) won’t flank your team. I think Pashkin is plain immortal, but better not test that. There is more troops with machine guns and sniper rifles in the north, use Akhmet to drop them one by one without exposing yourself too much. You may find your old loot from last visit here, but don’t see any reason to grab it, you should be rich enough.
And you might find bottles of vodka in the yankee’s pockets. Nice detail, surely smuggling live well these days. Don’t see the reason to use NATO weapons, but it’s up to you.

Chapter IX
This one start different, no cutscene or else. Talk with Serb and Vitek, go to the Bazaar but this time – get the gun, like AEK-971 and maybe Saiga. You gonna need it this time.
Talk with new NPCs and their boss (his face is obviously smug). If you smell something is going on, and they’re not real caravan – you’re right.
Talk with Zhirik (send your team away) and talk with him. When chat is over you will come to new map – ruined city. It’s full of dogs and it’s another night map where NV gogles could aid you but they won’t. I don’t know why this map is a thing. To test your new gun?
Crawl slowly through the ruins (change the game speed with Num+/Num- if you want to do it faster), take them down one by one, grab the furs and random junk around here, if you want.

Chapter X – Finale
There is another surprise waiting for you. When you talk with both Vitek and Serb you will notice two dialogue lines. One let them join you in final battle, while other abandon them to perish, after all that they done to you. It’s not stated clear, but clues in cutscenes and journal give you idea that they didn’t survived it. Oh, and if you think that leaving them here let you avoid the final battle – nope. Instead – you will do this alone. Have fun…
Buy whatever you want, money is not an issue for now. Get some RPG-18 and few bandages, just in case.Come back home, prepare your team and click on the wagon near your wife, it move you to the new map.
Now you have 5 minutes to take troops down, after that time – backup will come and it will be a lot harder fight, even when you send some rockets and grenades in the middle of the group.
Decrease game speed few times, just in case. This might look hard, but with precise shots, Serb on the MG nest and Vitek’s aid – you should take care of it.
I managed to beat it even faster, but I’m perfectionist so that might be the case. Check the map and see these crosses? There are trucks that need to be blown. Use machinegun to take two of them, then launch RPG-18 into last one (keep the distance so the rocket will arm).

Congratulation, now you can go to new home, with hope of a (bit) better life.

Some weapons can be upgraded by Professor from the Bazaar – the one who buy electronic junk from you.

Your first pistol, plain terrible. Low damage, small magazine, reach and abysmal accuracy.

Best pistol in the game, work best as a side arm. You can attach laser pointer to it.
Can be upgraded with improved handle (increase accuracy, decrease readying time).
Can fire with burst.
There is also APB with silencer attached and different stats.
You can loot it from Fatman body (2nd mission in Culture Hall) and silenced version from 4th mission in military reserves where you disarm claymores.

Upgraded version of Makarov. Found too late (Mission IV), avaliable in the store before final mission, proving his uselessness.

IZh-27 Hunting shotgun
Basic hunting rifle, you start the game with it. Have two chambers for buckshots or slugs. Can shot both barrel at once, but one shot is enough to put the enemy down. You can put scope on it, load with slugs and use on middle range. Won’t work like sniper rifle, though but it’s better than nothing.

Shorter version of AKS-74, use “fives” (5,45x39mm). Upgrades – replaced hand guarder (decrease aiming time), buffer (increase burst accuracy).

Assault rifle that use “fives”. Upgrades – forward grip (increase burst accuracy, decrease shooting time, increase readying time and remove ability to mount underbarrel grenade), buffer (increase burst fire accuracy).

Assault rifle that use larger calibre (7,62x39mm). Upgrades – rubber block (accurate burst fire), replaced stock (readying time decreased).

RPK-74 – AKS turned into machinegun, but with less kick than most weapons in this category.

AEK-919K “Kashtan”
One of best submachine gun, have folded stock making close combat even more reliable.
Found in Chapter IV can be put in use, before enemies start wearing bulletproof vests.

Could be another great submachine gun with 71 bullets in the chamber and folding stock, but you got it way too late (Chapter VII).

Automatic shotgun, need to enable automatic fire via upgrade from Professor. Can fold stock for even better close combat.
You can mix slugs and buckshots in one magazine,. More interesting detail than anything.
Addons – scope (x1 preferably, for faster ready-to-shot) and laser pointer.Upgrade include automatic fire (extremely useful even later in the game) for 150.
You can buy new Saiga clips in Mission VII, that hold 10 buckshots, despite what description say.

Vepr (7,62x39mm)
Sniper rifle that we get in Mission IV Upgrades – replaced stock (readying time decreased) for 130, muzzle brake for 105 (decrease shooting time, increase accuracy).

Andrey’s Vepr (7,62x54mm)
Special version of the Vepr, which is best sniper rifle in the game. Use larger ammunition designed for SVD. It’s reward from really disgusting side quest in Chapter VI.

Best assault rifle in the game, with unfoldable stock, accurate burst fire and drum magazine (75 bullets) it’s serious fire power. Only downside is lack of upgrades for it, though it shouldn’t be and issue at this stage of the game. You can put collimator, grenade launcher and fold stocks. You get this one for last side mission, right before final battle (Chapter VIII).

12,7mm machine gun that will be used in home defence.
You can set certain amount of bullets fired in one burst, even whole belt. Shooting is a bit different though. Instead of simply pointing at target you need to press LMB, then draw line of fire, plus set how many bullets go with the burst.
Ammo description say about “armor-piercing and incendiary effect”. Latest is a lie but armor penetration is real and it’s only ammunition that have this effect. We get one after Mission IV.

RG-6 Bulldog
Grenade launcher with rotating, revolver-like barrel magazine. Come in time, after 1st grand battle in Mission VII. Remember about fixing translation error to re-enable reloading 40mm grenades and DON’T shot with Quick Aim, otherwise grenades fly into the sky.
And take a note that crosshair point where grenade lose altitude, not where it land or explode! Grenades need some distance to arm themselves. You can fire one barrage of 6 grenades at once (whole barrel) but you need good cover (and no enemies nearby) and lot of time to reload.
Just like any grenade – you can change the angle of throw and launch if behind the wall, even high one.

RPG-18 “Fly”
Must be armed before use (but can’t be disarmed). The only vehicles in this game, that can be affected by this, will appear in final battle. You might use one or two on large enemies group, if you want (and have money to buy new one, obviously).
Rockets need some distance to arm themselves.
It use Heavy Weapon skill, high chance of missing on medium to long distance, no matter what.
Same like RG-6 – it have weird bug, where character make bizarre poses and miss everytime in QuickAim mode.

Laser aiming modules
For rifles and pistols, decrease ToReady time and aiming speed.
Important in close encounters and tight areas like corridors and rooms.

Backpacks and bags
From simple potato bag to fine tourist backpack.
Important items to carry all items, need a lot of time to put out item from it and vice versa.
You can’t roll with it on your back so drop it every time the fight start.

x1 decrease the aiming time (ToReady).
High magnitude versions (x4 or x8) are not worth though, increasing aiming time to already slow firing weapon give enemies enough time to hide,
and there are no vast spaces enough to put them in use.
There’s “Eotech” collimator, which is used by NATO armies, Professor adapted it to Warsaw Pact’s armament. You get one
for bringing enough electronic parts for him.

Nightvision goggles.
One of the most important items in previous games, they are useless in this game.
You get one for bringing enough whiskey for Sanek, food vendor in the kitchen on Bazaar.

Bit tricky to use due pixel hunting and detection issues.
They are set 10 seconds after putting them on the ground. Watch out – they set off when you walk on them! The OZM-72 is jumping version, that fly above the ground and spread fragments around. Claymores are American mines, have cone of 60 degrees, with three colours, showing how close you can get into it before triggering and getting numerous amount of metal little ball launched ahead up to 50m. Your Engineering skill and walking speed is important when approaching them. You might find soviet version of them, they are a bit better than original but hard to get though.

40mm grenades
Might not be reloaded properly if you don’t edit one file. There are two type of Vogs, one explode when it hit something (but it need some distance to arm in the air) and the one that jump after impact and spread fragments around.

Bulletproof vests and armours
Helpful when bullets hit you, cause even one well shot bullet can end the game.
Medium and Heavy vests have pockets for plates, replaceable.
There are 3 types of them. Metallic, titanium and ceramic, which stop less shots than titanium plates but give best protection even from largest calibres).
Last tier of armours are supposed to slow you down, but the difference is barely noticeable.

Two types and both provide decent protection from 5,45x39mm ammunition.

Tripwire kit
You need grenade to use this thing. Place it in your hands, click and hold mouse button and set it up in line.

Suppressors are another items, that were helpful in previous games from Aperion, but now are useless. There is not much stealth (maybe before gun blazing) or opportunity to avoid combat.

Large magazine with 45 – 75 bullets
It’s worth noticing that you can place this thing in any 5,45x39mm assault rifle, not only LMGs.
In previous Apeiron games you could merge two magazines with duct tape to significantly increase reloading speed.
But you won’t find a single duct tape in the Man of Prey, for some reason.

Skills, parameters and talents

[Quick Firing] – “This skill determines how quickly you can aim and how accurate you can shoot when in quick fire mode.”

[Accurate Fire] – “The skill that determines accuracy and time to aim at an enemy in aimed fire mode.”

[Heavy Weapons] – “This skill defines your accuracy when firing with heavy weapons – underbarrel grenade launchers and machineguns. Furthermore, the higher this skill, the lower is dispersal when using long bursts with a machinegun.”

[Sniper] – “Skill that defines accuracy and time to aim at an enemy in optical scope mode.”

[Throwing] – “Skill that defines accuracy of throws.”

[Melee Combat] – “This skill affects both damage and chance to hit in close combat.
Moreover, the higher this skill, the bigger is your chance to dodge an enemy melee attack.”

[Engineering] – “This skill affects the success of mining and defusing mines, item repair and lock picking.”

[Medicine] – “This skill defines the amount of health points that you recover by using medkits.”

[Camouflage] – “This skill defines the ability to move stealthily. The higher it is, the smaller the character’s detection range, and the more time it will take for an enemy to notice him.”

It’s worth noticing that you can live and fight with low Quick Firing and Accurate Fire skills.
Opposite to the Heavy Weapons and Sniper, where you need to have a lot of points, to make them useful and not suffering significant penalty.

[Health] – “Health points define the maximum amount of damage you can withstand.”

[Strength] – “Strength defines the total weight you can carry without being overloaded. It also affects maximum throwing range and the damage you deal in melee combat. If you are strong enough, you can raise heavy weapons faster and keep them ready for longer.”

[Stamina] – “Stamina defines the amount and recovery speed of energy points. The higher your stamina is, the longer you can run and hold your weapon in a ready position.”

[Dexterity] – “Dexterity is how fast you move and how quick you move equipment in your pockets or backpack.”

[Eyesight] – “Eyesight defines the distance and the speed of detecting enemies. Moreover, good eyesight will increase the chance of spotting enemy mines.”

[Hearing] – “The better your hearing is, the bigger the distances for noticing enemy movement.”

Precise strike:”Unlike some “wannabe Chuck Norris” guys you know for sure where to strike to get your enemy down. Your blows in hand-to-hand combat are more precise.”
Brawler:”Your punches are really strong, so you can kill a bull with your bare hands.”

Affinity to pistols:”Your pistol just jumps into your hand. Cowboys from the old West would envy your quickness.”
Accuracy:”Your pistol shooting became much more accurate.”
Fast aiming:”Your pistol moves faster than your eye when it comes to aiming at enemies.”

Affinity to assault rifles:”An assault rifle in your hands is ready for shooting faster than a thought.”
Accuracy:”An assault rifle in your hands hits as precisely as a sniper rifle at point blank.”
Fast aiming:”You waste no time targeting your AK at enemies. It almost targets itself.”

Affinity to machineguns:”You handle machineguns like toy pistols. Eins, zwei, fire!.”
Accuracy:”In your hands, a machinegun is not a “support weapon”. Few bullets are wasted on “keeping enemies down”, most make them go down for good!”
Fast aiming:”It normally takes a few seconds to aim a machinegun at an enemy. You don’t need those seconds.”

Affinity to rifles:”No matter how long and heavy a rifle or a shotgun is, you can get it ready in the blink of an eye.”
Accuracy:”Whether unleashing a flechette hailstorm across the street or scoping for targets half a mile away, you always hit the mark.”
Fast aiming:”Optical scope or not, you lock enemies in your crosshair faster than lightning.”

Affinity to submachine guns:”You can pull an SMG ready faster than your enemy could spell “submachine gun”.”
Accuracy:”They say an SMG can’t hit a wall in daylight from 10 feet. You prove them wrong again and again.”
Fast aiming:”You don’t have to look at an enemy to know your SMG is aimed right at his heart.”

Natural born sniper:”When your weapon has a scope, no distance and cover makes your enemy safe.”

Grenadier:“In peaceful times you could excel at basketball. Now you excel at scoring grenades into the smallest crevices.”

Armor piercing:“Every bulletproof vest has weaker spots, and you happen to hit them all the time.”

Sapper’s sense:”Your sixth sense never fails you when something is deadly wrong. No mine is hidden well enough to catch you off guard.”
Master sapper:“They can blindfold you and tie you up, yet you will still easily defuse any mine in the world.”

Runner:“Your stamina has increased. You can run, run and run. And run even more.”
Second breath:“Your body possesses strong recuperative powers. You regain stamina much faster.”

Weapon care:“Even a WW1 rifle becomes shiny new in your skillful hands.”

Eagle eye:”Your eyesight got so sharp you can recognize a type of bullet in flight.”
Radar:”You can sense living beings without seeing or hearing them. You devil, how do you do that?.”

Burglar:”Only a few locks can resist your lock picking skill. You’ve met none yet.”

Strong back:”You can carry way more than the average person. Quite appropriate for a Marauder, eh?.”
Mule:”You can carry surprisingly large amounts of weight!”

Appetite:”You regain more health from consuming food.”
Field medicine:”You can do a successful heart surgery with a kitchen knife. Your use of medkits has vastly improved.”
Healer:”You can heal broken bones and critical wounds right on the battlefield.”

My two cents – don’t pick “Trader“, it increase price of your items, which bring you ridiculous amount of money when you sell them.
You don’t need it that much, honestly, especially when you search every nook on the map.
Radar” never show his effects, or they are barely noticeable.
Each talent increasing weight limit give you additional 10kg to your carrying capacity.
Talent to find mines is not that useful, they are already easy to spot if you walk carefully.
Armor piercing” is most important talent. Enemies will wear protective gear and there is no AP ammo for assault rifles.
And you will be always outnumbered so don’t come outgunned.

Walkthrough and FAQ (items, guns, skills etc.) Detail

This game haveFavorites category. You will be able to access all the tips and tricks of the game in the pdf file we have prepared for you. The PDF file consists of 22 pages and it has a size of about 12 mb. You can send us the game guides you want us to prepare from our contact page.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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