Marauder: Lets Play Videos looking at completing each section

Character Creation
Ahkmet starts of with a shotgun, which is classified as a Rifle. So already he is slightly predetermined to either become a shotgunner or sniper.

I personally focused on engineering skills as all the other characters you encounter are poor engineers and will struggle with mine defusing and lock picking. With this engineering skill, he is also better at repairing weapons.

Starts with perks that would lend to him becoming a medic, as well as proficiency with Rifles, so if you choose not to make Akhmet your Sniper, then Vitek is the next best. Has generally high attributes, but low skills. He is low on strength so does not carry alot very well.

Serb is a hardened soldier, proficient with assualt weapons and grenades. He makes for a good mule to carry things. Get his Assualt Rifle proficiency up as soon as possible as when he has fast aim, he can shoot an enemy in less than a second. This stuns the enemy allowing for snipers to finishing them off.

Proficient with Machineguns and sub-machineguns. He is a less consistent member of your party, so do not worry too much about giving him the best storage materials i.e. backpack and vest

Starting off, the story and controls
Opening video of story, initial tutorial and some combat

Understanding trade
Looking at trade and how it works using 5.45 ammo as currency.

You need 1x 5.45 ammo per person to enter the market. The hobo outside will give you some rounds for cigerettes and alcohol.

The guards also dont like it when you have a gun in your hand. Make sure to bag it, or equip your gun in the other hand

Most things such as armour, carrier vests and guns can be found later in the game through scavenging enemy bodies and crates. The market it better for the side missions i.e. dog skins and electric items as well as backpacks.

First story mission
This looks at all the parts neccesary for completing the first mission of clearing the bandits from the town hall. The first video is getting in, and setting the explosives, the second is how it should end. Beware there is a bug with the second bomb. It would be wise to save it before placing the second bomb. Fixes I’ve found for this is to go back and place the first bomb again.

Dont equip any guns, and take all the gear you want to keep as the building becomes inaccessible after the explosion. Place items in the bin outside the area is you’re lacking space. This area wont be available again so take whatever you can carry after the explosion.

Defending the house
Video on completing the mission, and answering the common question of where to find the last instigator.

Tactics to stick to the centre stairs, prioritise anyone with a firearm, and switch positions over various floors to bring the distant gunners closer. Theres a lot of them, averaging around 15-20 so be patient.

Completing the mine fields
Negotiating the mission where the army ask you to defuse some mines, looking at where all the loot is, and the dangers around.

Combat at Minefield followed by the underground
Tactics for using mines for finishing the combat of the minefields. Looks into the next section of the story, and where enemies approach from.

Be sure to keep some mines on your person as these will help you in the next section. Also these are the first enemies carrying ammo belts. Click on them and check the gear as they contain extra rounds. Unfortunately you cannot carry more than one of these on your person unless it is in your hands, so its pointless trying.

Tactics for Underground and looting the area
Use of mines to eliminate the enemy, and looking at all the loot available in the warehouse and some of the dangers of where mines are hidden.

Key point with mines is to not approach directly in the same direction as their arc. Move to one side avoiding the green area in particular.

Defending the house again
This chapter covers defending the house from the Administration.

Using the machine gun is complicated and largely unreliable. To use the gun: Select it, right click once to bring the aim cursor, then left click and drag to create an arc. The gunner will shoot 3 rounds into the area.

As the video shows, shoot at the enemies for the first few mins, when too much fire is coming towards you, retreat back and cover the ladder which is the only point of access into the upper floors

Dealing with Marauders and dogs
The chapter is taking Akmet and Vitek to the Administration building to clear out the marauders. This includes the first encounter with dogs. Shotguns with the blue rounds work well, and remember to loot the skins for a lucrative bounty at the market place.

The building combat is awkward, the guy hiding behind the door causes some problems, along with the guy at the top of the stairs.

The chapter ends with you getting your third new recruit, Serb. She’s best with assualt rifles and grenades.

Attacking Avtaikin
Video on completing the mission where your new team attack a building in order to rescue Panavin from Aktaikin.

The video is pieced together after lots of problems but includes a full run through of the action and what to expect.

Recommended to have at least one sniper orientated character and one shot gunner.

The bunker (fight in the forest)
The video below covers the fight against bandits in the forest. Before leaving with Panavin be sure to head to the market and trade in any of the collectable items. If you have done this over the story then the traders will start to reward you with:

Give Ataikins watch to the Cop at the market, and he’ll reward you with a new Bizon. You can accept or decline this. I chose to decline it, as i’m curious whether this will affect the future story.
Expensive goods/Food trader will give you Night Vision goggles
The Professor will give you a new scope for the AK
The armour/clothing vendor will give you a new improve medium flak vest.

The main issue in this map is line of sight with enemies constantly appearing and disappearing making it difficult to get accurate hits, if you have your settings to pause gameplay when an enemy appears, be prepared to be pressing space bar a lot!

With camera angles and the dense forest it is difficult to locate people, and with the portraits occassionally not working, its useful to use the yellow indicators on the enemies portrait to see where they are approaching from.

Enemies also like to get close, and use grenades. There’s a lot of small arms fire which medium flak will protect against but watch out for those snipers.

As seen on the video you’ll see how I chose to place my men covering various angles. This however is not perfect, but a sound strategy. I unfortunately lose the use of two people by the end of this. Furthermore Vitek is shocked and it appears in red. When entering the next session he remains in this state, so moving between missions does not fix soldiers injuries.

This map is difficult and in truth took me a while to do. my failings came in men getting shocked and then not being selectable again, or the main character dying from one shot.

Exploring the Bunker
The two video are gameplay through the missle bunker. There are no enemies until the end however a number of keys items including two grenade launchers, and a expedition back pack (biggest in the game)

There are 15 mines in total through out the area. I have shown how best to approach each one. The second video also looks at using explosives to breach doors.

Encounter in the bunker
The APC’s dont work but this doesnt matter as the enemies are coming in.

The enemies will bottleneck around the top of the stairs you came down for the train tracks. As seen in the video my tactic was to use a sniper to cover the door, along with another rifleman, whilst then send the other men up the stairs to grenade into the small space.

Though not visible on the player models they are wearing armour and helmets. This can result in some weapons only stunning them, and a few rounds being sent until armour penetration hits in.

Defending the House Again + How to use Machine Gun placements
If you dont want to watch the vid on Machinegun placements, here’s what you need to know.

Machine guns will tell you how many rounds they shoot per spread in the bottom left corner, under the weapons condition. i.e. 1/100 means 1 round per spread.

To fire the machinegun, left click and create and arc. The size of the arc dictates any possible direction the round could go in. If you choose a small arc, the rounds will travel down a very small trajectory, giving more precise shooting.

The arc also dictates the angle the round travels. If the arc pass through and object the round will hit that object first. To make sure you will hit your enemy, the arc needs to pass through their figure.

Finding Zhirik
After defending the house, there are some new settlers in the market area. Ask Zurick whether they can be trusted. He is upstairs in the office space, Turn left when you get to the top fo the stairs

Side mission against US soldiers and others
Pashkin wants to take the fight to the drug dealers in the old district, and asks you for help. Get Serb to talk to the commander, and then talk to Akhmet. Choose that it is a ‘♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥’ plan and then go out of the new exit point in the market area.

You’ll be joined by 4 AI characters, they will get in your way, but take a lot of fire. The enemy are aggressive and accurate so check all possible angles you can be shot from.

The video below looks at some good placement.

Attacking the Army Base
Akmet is ready to leave the house in fear of the Army invasion which is imminent after the last skirmish. Speak to Serb and Vitek, and select the options which tells them to pack up the machinegun and come with you. You’ll know you’ve got the right option when they become selectable.

I personally grabbed a load of extra ammo and things I was worried about leaving behind. At the time of writing this I don’t know if this matters or not.

Repelling the US reinforcements
After the 5 Minutes are up, the US army returns with reinforcements. This includes around 20 soldiers, coming from the west side of the map (assuming the machinegun faces north)

Place is key and being prepared. Your chosen sniper can get a good couple of hits off to start with but don’t get greedy. Move him back as soon as possible. The machinegun can cover upto the garage, meaning that someone needs to be coming the left flank like before, and then another to spot and support the machine gunner.

This is a hard map, and it takes some time.

I don’t think my video ended properly as there is no way of leaving the area, or any cutscene.

Lets Play Videos looking at completing each section Detail

This game haveFavorites category. The areas that the game has are very fun, so you can spend hours without getting bored at all. In this guide we tell you “Character Guide, Mission Guide, Begginer Guide, Item Guide”. You can download all this content from our site completely free of charge in the form of a pdf extension.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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