Little Witch Nobeta: 100% Achievement Guide (Chest also :3)

September 29, 2022:

– 17 achievements finally obtainable
– New voices in cutscenes especially Nobeta for movesets
– Primary Life Crystal is now Faint Life Crystal (Chest #1)
– In chest, Expansion bag is now renamed to Enlarge your bag (Chest #2)
– New 3 costumes
– New upgrades from Lv. 30 to 100 excluding Skill Haste at Lv. 30

Total: 160k~170k soul essences

– Primary Defense Crystal is now Faint Defense Crystal (Chest #3)
– Ritual of Magic Absorption now renamed to Absorption
– Lightning is now renamed Thunder (Chest #8)
– Intermediate Life Crystal now renamed to Fair Light Crystal (Chest #15)

Base Game – Player (7 Achievements)
Seek the Truth
Begin a new game.

So this is basically straightforward just start a new game.

The Magic Zone
Drop an arcane or holy crystal on the ground for the first time.

The fastest way is to find any statues preferably the 3rd one from the Obun Shrine and then buy an arcane or holy crystal and use it on the ground.

True Aerial Expert
Defeat 4 enemies in the air at once.

Basically, you have to jump and at the same time kill 4 enemies in a group at once while mid-air before landing on the ground. Get lightning on NG+ but Ice is also possible. Do this at the beginning of the underground cave as the dolls or mannequins are easy to kill.

Let There Be Light
Illuminate all the chandeliers in the Underground Cave.

You must light up all the unlit parts inside the underground cave.

Oops! Did I Do That
Get killed by your own magic.

This is one of the hidden achievement. You can kill yourself with the fire spell though lightning spell also works. Just keep on charging your spell and aim to the ground so you will deal damage to yourself.

Sep. 29, 2022

Light the Way
Remove all dark mist within the Dark Tunnel.

This is a special case because you must have the light with you taken before entering the dark retrieving your hat. They are scattered all over the map so I will be showing you everything.

#1 – When you enter the dark area.

#2 – Right after find your first chest on this level.

#3 – Down the floor

#4 – Down the floor

#5 – Up the floor before the Goddess Statue

They are all not hidden as long as you did your exploration.

A Witch Revived
Complete the game in Advance Mode.

One of the hidden achievement. You can either complete this in your first playthrough or do normal and then this last.

09/30/2022 – Apparently, it looks like it would be temporarily be allowing you to switch any difficulty mode until the bug is fixed so use this opportunity to complete this achievement.

Base Game – Boss (9 Achievements)
Most of the boss achievements are hidden and can be done on first and other walkthroughs.

Unknown Specter Armor
Defeat the gatekeeper of the castle.

One of the hidden achievement. This is the first boss of this game so basically there is no other criteria other than bringing his health down to 0% and you should be good to go with this achievement.

Deranged Specter Armor
Defeat the gatekeeper of the castle again.

One of the hidden achievement. A secret boss found inside the Obun Shrine near the Statue of Goddess and after you traverse through powerful red enemies you will fight him. Just destroy him and you will obtain the achievement.

Crafted Soul, Ribbon Lover
Defeat Tania.

One of the hidden achievement. The 2nd boss of this game, just defeat her and you will get this achievement.

Keep Your Hands Clean
Defeat Monica with her own explosion magic.

One of the hidden achievement. You must not deliver the final killing blow to the bear and instead drain the bear’s hp as low as you can and lure the circle explosive coming on to you to the bear and Monica, completing the first phase of the boss.

Crafted Soul, Animal Lover
Defeat Monica

One of the hidden achievement. The 3rd boss of the game to defeat after the bear, just take care of the 2nd phase and you will get this achievement.

September 29, 2022

Soul Doll of the Throne
Defeat Vanessa.

One of the hidden achievement. This is during the throne fight room area (make sure to do everything unless you do NG+). Like any other boss just defeat her.

A Seal Broken
Defeat the Seal in one attempt.

I am assuming that you must defeat the Seal without dying. Anyways you need to encounter her 2 times and defeat her. Try not to die on your second encounter against her and not praying to the Goddess Statue also.

Crafted Soul of the Knight King
Defeat Vanessa in spirit realm.

One of the hidden achievement. Vanessa in spirit realm may be tricky but with thunder/lightning she will be defeated. Also she will drop Thunder after defeating her.

Lost Crafted Soul
Defeat Crafted Soul Nonota.

One of the hidden achievement. Might be a little tricky to defeat her on Advanced but once you practiced and know her movesets it will be better to defeat her. Also thunder/lightning for the win :3

Base Game – Melee / Physical (2 Achievements)
Melee Rockstar
Use attack, dodge, or ritual of magic absorption to complete a spellcast 30 times.

I would suggest you to attack unless you can hit F in a perfect timing or dodge but dodging is the fastest while charging your spell and do it 30 times and you will get the achievement.

Melee Master
Use attack, dodge, or ritual of magic absorption to cast a spell 300 times.

Refer to the Melee Rockstar achievement.

Base Game – Staff / Magic (4 Achievements)
Magical Reaction
Use ritual of magic absorption to absorb 3,000 magic points.

You can easily farm 3,000 magic points using either the enemies spawning infinitely where you must destroy the object to erase the barrier wall shown below on the image or find some grounded type enemies and be sure to time it perfectly with the attack button (F for me).

Keep in mind you can still keep on parrying the enemies as long as you maintain your timing and you will eventually get the achievement. Additionally, you can do this against bosses or Monica because the 2nd achievement of the same gives you much more to acquire Magic points

Divine Reaction
Use ritual of magic absorption to absorb 30,000 magic points.

Refer to the Magical Reaction achievement.

No Chants Required
Cast a spell 6 times within one second.

Basically cast a spell in under 1 second 60 times. I found Monica to be good for farming this achievement especially with the ones that require lots of parrying to obtain the other 2. All of the other boss works as well but on the other hand I think you need to keep on spamming any spells each time they’re fully charged and I prefer the fire to grind this achievement.

Speed Demon
Cast a spell 60 times within one second.

Refer to the No Chats Required achievement.

Upgrades – Elemental Magic (10 Achievements)
Wing Magic Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Wind element.

Its basically how far you can jump, get it to Lv. 3 and you will obtain the achievement.

Maxed skills are for release I guess as I tried to get wind for Lv. 4 but there is no changes.

Arcane Magic Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Arcane element.

Keep on finding the chests that contains the Arcane 2 walkthroughs

Ice Magic Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Ice element.

Same as the Arcane.

Fire Magic Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Fire element.

Same as the Fire.

Thunder Magic Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Thunder element.

Out of all elements you can collect in 1-2 walkthroughs, this one requires 3 walkthroughs and its only obtainable through the secret boss part near Obun Shrine as there is only one chest containing pure Lightning so hence why you should play on normal to make this easier and also full upgrades with your soul essence.

Sep. 29, 2022

Note: Lv. 5 is the max level

Master of Wind
Reach max level of the Wind element.

Master of Arcane
Reach max level of the Arcane element.

Master of Ice
Reach max level of the Ice element.

Master of Fire
Reach max level of the Fire element.

Master of Thunder
Reach max level of the Thunder element.

Upgrades – Others (3 Achievements)
Bottomless Bag
Expand your bag to the maximum.

You only need 8 slots in total to obtain this achievement, luckily it should take only 2 walkthroughs in total also.

Magic Ritual Scholar
Reach Lv 3 of the Ritual of Magic Absorption.

Aka Counter Magic, reach Lv. 3 to get this achievement.

Sep. 29, 2022

Master of the Magic Ritual
Reach max level of the Ritual of Magic Absorption.

Lv. 5 is the max level.

Others – Enemies (2 Achievements)
Sep. 29, 2022

Soul Eater
Acquire 30,000 soul essences.

To make this faster I decided to switch from hard to normal (not changeable after) since the amount of souls you obtain will be faster or continue upgrading your stats even after Lv. 30. Also doing this achievement while on Secret Passage will net you more souls if you can but its earnable throughout the game accumulating the amount.

Laid to Rest
Defeat 1,000 enemies.

Earnable throughout the game.

Others – 30 Items (1 Achievement)
Sep. 29, 2022

Getting Close to The Truth
Collect 30 items.

Where I found them all:

Obun Shrine:

– #1 6. Broken Cross Spear – Found near where the 1st blue crystal is by killing an enemy.
– #2 3. Copper Coin – Found near the 2nd Goddess Statue on vases.
– #3 12. Pointy Witch’s Hat – Near the 3rd chest on vases.
– #4 7. Deformed Cavalier Armor – Proceed after 3rd chest, kill enemy and collect item.

Obun Shrine – Secret Passage:

– #5 35. Dwarven Metalwork – At the entrance, destroy vase and collect item.
– #6 36. High Elf’s Mana Ring – Near the 4th chest.
– #7 11. Broken Queen Doll – Besides the 4th chest dropped by an enemy.
– #8 37. Forest Elf’s Vest – Before you drop down there is an enemy who drops it.
– #9 38. Dark Elf’s Ear Sample – Near the blocked entrance before another area of Goddess Statue.
– #10 4. Unknown House Banner – After you dropped down and few hordes of enemies appear at secret passage, you will find it on any enemies.
– #11 19. Knight’s Halberd – Before you fight the secret boss there is a vase which will drop an item
– #12 56. Knight Kingdom Crown – Dropped by the secret boss along with a new teleport.
– #13 13. Sleeve Dagger – Before pulling the lever, destroy the vases and grab the item.

Underground Caves:

– #14 9. Giant Axe – Found at the start of the level.
– #15 97. Faihtful Soul Shard – Found at the start of the level near the chest.
– #16 8. Hero’s Cross Sword – Found at the start of the level.
– #17 10. Shield of the Church – Found at the start of the level.
– #18 17. Tattered Maid Outfit – Found at the Ice puzzle room dropped by an enemy.
– #19 14. Corpse Shroud – This requires you to go to the area at the top of the 2nd Goddess Statue on Underground Cave. After you go right from the book area, exit the level and you will end up unlocking a shortcut from Okun Shrine but there is vases near the lever, break those and you will get the item.

– #20 16. Test Subject Miracle – Go up the stairs and destroy the barrels.
– #21 15. Headcutter Circular Saw – Turn left to turn the lever and move forward.
– #22 98. Lost Maiden’s Soul Shard – Defeat the 2nd boss.

Lava Ruins:

– #23 26. Teddy Bear – Found near the Goddess Statue.
– #24 30. Merchant’s Ledger – Dropped by an enemy on the crossroad.
– #25 20. Weathered Cloak – Found on the right side at the rooftop after you enter the crossroad.
– #26 27. Fractured Stone Axe – Found on the chest #19 area dropped by an enemy.
– #27 28. Cage – Before you drop down head right where the shortcut is and between the stairs is the item.
– #28 23. Cursed Turquoise Necklace – Dropped by Scissor Girl after you drop down.
– #29 32. Slave Collar – Dropped by an enemy at the opposite end of chest #20
– #30 25. Copper Ingot – Found after going straight from the #21 Chest area/Fire element tips then turn left slightly.

Others – 90 Items (1 Achievement)
Collect 90 items.

Refer to Getting Close to The Truth achievement.
Where I found them all:

Lava Ruins:

– #31 22. Intricate Clock – Found near chest 22 and its from a barrel.
– #32 21. Silver Coin – Found near the last Goddess Statue.
– #33 24. Handheld Lamp – Dropped by the Scissor Girl between the 2 stairs and before the boss.
– #34 34. Bestian Ear – Defeat the 3rd boss.
– #35 33. Bestian Palm – Defeat the 3rd boss.
– #36 99. Child’s Soul Shard – Defeat the 3rd boss.
– #37 5. Melted Silver Candlestick – Turn right after the stairs and the area has a door leading to Okun Shrine – Underground Grand Hall (back to Underground Caves) but there is an item on the ground, pick it up.

Dark Hall:
– #38 39. Dark Elf’s Short Bow – Go right on the wooden platform and it should be on the ground.

– #39 43. Bloodstained Javelin – Near the first Goddess Statue.
– #40 50. Crafted Soul Injector – There is a path leading after passing the Black Cat sitting near the Goddess Statue where its dark, between the stair and the one thats leading to the orb ball is an item on the ground.

– #41 40. Ogre’s Kidney – There are 2 enemies, one drops this item.
– #42 41. Ogre’s Eye – There are 2 enemies, one drops this item.
– #43 44. Nomad’s Cookware – Here is where it ends up.

– #44 42. Ogre’s Club – After you destroy the crystal shown in the image previous and killed one enemy, you can pick up the item.
– #45 46. Tooth Thief’s Porch – Near the chest area are pots near the wooden tower.
– #46 45. Golden Coin – Basically the chest is a mimic so destroy it easily and get the item.

– #47 57. Lady’s Feather Hat – First found on the maid puppet encounter and drops it.
– #48 47. Blood Orc’s Skin Sample – Best found on the vase near where you found the dark ball and chest.
– #49 49 Miner’s Pickaxe – Found at the bottom of the place after the Goddess Statue, though its another one found from the Mimic chests.
– #50 48. Chief’s Skull – Another damn item from the chest mimic at the right side.
– #51 53. Ceremonial Sword – Found near the 2nd Goddess Statue in the barrel.
– #52 51. Hero’s Insignia – After destroying 3 crystals and few enemies grab the item forward.
– #53 54. Banner of the Lance Hero – Found in this area by killing the thunder enemy.


– #54 52 Mutated Beast Claw – Found in this area.

– #55 69. Pontiff’s Scepter – Found in this area by the barrel.

– #56 65. Declaration of War – Found near the last Goddess Statue in the barrel.
– #57 103. Loyal Soul Shard – Defeat the knight mini-boss.
– #58 71. Apocalypse Knight Record – Defeat the knight mini-boss

– #59 77. The Throne – Defeat Vanessa.
– #60 78. Ancient Throne Rune
– #61 100. King’s Final Honor

Spirit Realm:

– #62 73. Apocalypse Knight Axe – In this area by the enemy.

– #63 55. Banner of Lionhearted – At the top before you move forward.

– #64 79. Doctor’s Mask – It should be behind and below here for the item.

– #65 75. Apocalypse Knight Bow – Dropped by the archer.
– #66 61. Knight Kingdom Entry Pass – Dropped by the sword user.
– #67 58. Super Cleanser Soap – Dropped not from the enemy from here.

– #68 63. Inquisitor’s List – Found near the 2nd Goddess Statue from the barrels.
– #69 74. Apocalypse Knight Staff – Dropped by the user with shield and sword.
– #70 76. Apocalypse Knight Sword – Dropped by the sword user.

– #71 86. Missing Person Poster – Found right here.

– #72 59. Exquisite Leather Lamp – Progress and you will find it.
– #73 64. Envoy’s Rune – Found at the crystals during and after the first Seal boss fight.
– #74 62. Bone Chess Set – same as #72.
– #75 66. Attic Key – same as #72 but at the top left hand corner
– #76 60. Premium Grass Ash – same as #72.

– #77 90. Enchanted Shackles – Defeat the Seal boss and she will drop this.

– #78 87. Saint’s Cane – Found near the 3rd Goddess Statue on the crystal.
– #79 67. Halfling’s Forelimb – Found from the crystal

– #80 70. Abandoned Rag Doll – Found near the stairs not from the projectile enemies.
– #81 89. Bloodstained Key – Near the last Goddess Statue of this stage.
– #82 101. Proud King’s Crafted Soul Shard – Defeat Spirit Realm Vanessa.


– #83 80. Ceremonial Incense – Near the Goddess Statue

Obun Shrine:

– #84 81. Moonlight Blade – Found in here

– #85 83. Castle Blueprint – Do some parkour here and you will end up getting the item from the crystal.

– #86 84. Witch Worshipper Puppet – Near the chest area after defeating the 3 enemies at the bottom floor resembling Obun Shrine.

– #87 85. Polymorphism Scroll – At the top from the stairs from the bottom floor
– #88 82. Prostitute’s Chiffon – Found from here.

#89 88. Hero Summon Rune – Near the second Goddess Statue.

Underground Caves:

#90 91. Gaseous Soul Essence – Defeat one of the stone Scissor girls and the item will drop

Others – 13 Extra Items
– #91 92. Semi-Gaeseous Soul Essence – After the Underground Caves, teleport and you will find the item in front of you from the Crossroad.

Lava Ruins:

– #92 93. Enchanted Soul Shard – During the fight against 2 dual sword enemies, below floor where the fire appears you can collect one item dropped from one of them after you kill them both.

– #93 94. Empowered Soul Shard – Found after completing Lava Ruins at the top from the Crossroad.


– #94 95. Soul Refined Shard – Found after defeating the shadowy teleport enemy.

– #95 96. Knight’s Soul Shard – After the Dawnruin, like always it’s in front of you.
– #96 102. Lost Maiden’s Crafted Soul Shard – Defeat Nonota.

Yes the very beginning
Underground Caves:
– #97 2. Stainned Ribbon – At the top of the glowing mushroom where you get the Ice spell chest.

Lava Ruins
– #98 31. Slave Tag – From the vase while trying to destroy the crystal with fire spell attack
– #99 29. Slave Branding Iron – Found where the path leading to chest #17 is

Not found by me:
– #100 72. Apocalypse Knight Shield

– #101 1. Crafted Soul Reader – In the middle vase in the safe area of the lightning bolts trap section in Okun Shrine

– #102
– #103

Hidden – Treasure Hunter (1 Achievement) (24 Chests)
Treasure Hunter
Open 24 treasure chests in one round of the game.

This is one where its more beneficial to get them on your first run so you can progress by getting upgrades or new spells. As the description says so but the chests can be obvious and some are hidden in an obvious area by curious minds.

Early Access version:

Treasure Hunter – Obun Shrine / Secret Passage (8 Chests)
Obun Shrine (3 Chests)

Chest 1 of 24 (Primary Life Crystal)
They are unmissable

Chest 2 of 24 (Expansion Bag)
They are unmissable.

Chest 3 of 24 (Primary Defense Crystal)
After the black cat cutscene you must go up the stairs and go to the other side instead of forward.

Obun Shrine – Secret Passage (5 Chests) (After completing the Lava Ruins on early access)

Chest 4 of 24 (Counter Magic)
Turn around and destroy the fake wall. Be wary of the enemy.

Chest 5 of 24 (Wind)
Proceed and drop towards the chest.

Chest 6 of 24 (Ice)
After falling down from your 5th chest, go to the right and destroy the fake wall.

Chest 7 of 24 (Fire)
Drop down as you progress.

Chest 8 of 24 (Lightning)
After the secret boss, proceed and the chest is there.

Treasure Hunter – Underground Caves (6 Chests)
Underground Cave – Secret Passage (6 Chests)

Chest 9 of 24 (Wind)
After the first boss, go behind after turning around and the chest should be there.

Chest 10 of 24 (Primary Life Crystal)
Turn left before you move to the right.

Chest 11 of 24 (Primary Defense Crystal)
Do some parkouring or jump to reach the other side while on top of the wooden platformer. Be wary of the enemies.

Chest 12 of 24 (Arcane)
Do some parkour and you will land near the chest. Be wary of the enemies.

Chest 13 of 24 (Ice)
Drop down after getting your 12th chest. Be wary of the enemies.

Chest 14 of 24 (Primary Mysterious Crystal)
Go up the stairs after using your Ice spell through the fire area and you will find the chest.

Treasure Hunter – Lava Ruins (10 Chests)
Lava Ruins (10 Chests)

Chest 15 of 24 (Intermediate Life Crystal)
When you reach the area with 3 roads, you turn left for the first chest and yes there are fewer enemies in there.

Chest 16 of 24 (Primary Life Crystal)
Go straight after you enter the crossroad.

Chest 17 of 24 (Counter Magic)
Drop down and follow the path until you are at the part where I’m standing.

Chest 18 of 24 (Expansion Bag)
Turn right and loot the chest.

Chest 19 of 24 (Wind)
Turn left and destroy the fake walls.

Chest 20 of 24 (Intermediate Sacred Crystal)

Chest 21 of 24 (Fire)
Go straight.

Chest 22 of 24 (Primary Defense Crystal)
End up here and go up.

Chest 23 of 24
This is the easiest to do just refer to the video.

Chest 24 of 24
When you enter the stairs, go left and to another stairs.

Hidden – Treasure Master (1 Achievement) (21 Chests)
Sep. 29, 2022

Treasure Master
Open all treasure chests in one round of the game.

The total is 45 chests in one round, after starting new game+ good luck doing it all over again.

Treasure Master – Dark Tunnel / Dawnruin
Dark Tunnel (7 Chests):

Chest 1 of [REDACTED] (Absorption)

Chest 2 of [REDACTED] (Fine Arcane Crystal)

Chest 3 of [REDACTED] (Wind)
This is where you will find the chest after your chest #2 which is inside the hole.

Chest 4 of [REDACTED] (Fire)
The same place where you lit the dark ball

Chest 5 of [REDACTED] (Thunder)
After collecting items and killing enemies, claim your Thunder at the top.

Chest 6 of [REDACTED] (Fine Defense Crystal)

Chest 7 of [REDACTED] (Fine Defense Crystal) (Fine Holy Crystal)
It should be found in this area.

Dawnruin (2 Chests):

Chest 1 of [REDACTED] (Arcane)
Turn around and you will find the chest from the other side.

Chest 2 of [REDACTED] (Enlarge your bag)
After the mini-boss room.

Treasure Master – Spirit Realm
Spirit Realm (7 Chests):

Chest 1 of [REDACTED] (Wind)
Go to the top and fall down into two holes then you will get your upgrade.

Chest 2 of [REDACTED] (Fine Defense Crystal)
Found from this image.

Chest 3 of [REDACTED] (Ice)
Parkour your way and you will end up on the other side or you can reach the rooftop while going forward against the sword user and the bow user is on the left side where you can drop down to land right next to the chest shown on the second image.

Chest 4 of [REDACTED] (Thunder)
Up is the backside where you find one Thunder enemy you snipe at that is also where the fake wall is located at.

Chest 5 of [REDACTED] (Fire)
During your 2nd encounter on The Seal boss, keep moving forward while she is chasing you until you reach the dead end with the fake walls.

Chest 6 of [REDACTED] (Absorption)
Chest is on the other side.

Chest 7 of [REDACTED] (Fine Holy Crystal)

Treasure Master – Abyss
Abyss (5 Chests)
Aby. Obun Shrine:

Chest 1 of [REDACTED] (Enlarge your bag)
Get the chest from the unlocked metal bar door.

Chest 2 of [REDACTED] (Arcane)
At the bottom floor is the middle section.

Aby. Underground Caves:

Chest 3 of [REDACTED] (Fire)
The place which resembles Underground Caves has the center consisting of the chest on top, drop down into it and you will get a spell inside.

Aby. Lava Ruins:

Chest 4 of [REDACTED] (Ice)
After pulling the lever, drop down and go to the corner to get your next Ice spell upgrade

Aby. Dawnruin:

Chest 5 of [REDACTED] (Thunder)
After reaching the top of the boulder area, jump where you go down the stairs and the chest is sitting there.

The game and this guide took a lot to experiment with but luckily I was prepared with my old save and 24 achievements finished before release so enjoy with your 100% and I hope you like this guide.

100% Achievement Guide (Chest also :3) Detail

This game haveFavorites category. You will be able to access all the tips and tricks of the game in the pdf file we have prepared for you. The PDF file consists of 22 pages and it has a size of about 12 mb. You can send us the game guides you want us to prepare from our contact page.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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