LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Guides


The LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4, was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer by TT Games. We can define it as LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Build the adventure from Privet Drive to the Triwizard Tournament and experience the magic of the first four Harry Potter stories – LEGO style! Explore Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learn spells, brew potions and relive the adventures like never before with tongue-in-cheek humor and creative customization that is unique to… Game release date 25 Jun, 2010. Fortunately, we have written a series of guides to explain all the elements. It supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish – Spain languages.

LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Tips and Tricks

The game that has a Very Positive rating on steam. LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is a with Action, Adventure category. The game has beautiful graphics that you can spend hours without getting bored, most importantly, it is fully compatible with Windows. With the Game Guides pdf file that i will give you, you will be able to learn and understand all the details of the game. Inside this guide “missions, characters, items, growth” details. Moreover, this pdf is completely free for you. You can also like Game Guides

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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