Goose Goose Duck: Silver/Gold Coins Guide

Silver coins are earned for playing the game and gold coins pretty much have to be bought with real money. Some of the tips provided are more practical than others; I’m more or less trying to create a baseline for making sure that you’re getting the coins you need for the cosmetics you want.

Earning Silver Coins
Silver coins are earned after every match that is long enough, and can be boosted by pets 3 times per day per pet. You can also earn silver coins from Twitch drops and daily rewards.

Maximizing After-Game Silver

Classic and Draft are the best game modes for earning silver, as these games are almost always long enough to get you pet bonuses, or at least you spend a larger percentage of your time in-game. Additional tips include:

  • Stay until the end of every game if you can.
  • If you’re host, don’t wait too long to start the next game, or kindly encourage the host to start.
  • Claim the Gravy or Hitman/Bodyguard bounty if you can.
Daily Rewards

You can get silver from logging in and claiming daily rewards every 24 hours, which doesn’t even require you to play any games. It’s a super easy way to earn silver, especially if using the app to redeem.

Free Silver from Twitch Drops

How to earn Twitch drops is covered in more detail in this guide, but there is a monthly campaign where you can earn up to 1,000 silver coins per month by watching up to 11 hours of GGD streams with drops enabled. Try to claim these rewards each month.

Getting and Using Pets

You can either get a pet as part of a pack or buy enough gold coins to purchase one from the collection. Tips for using pets include:

  • Try to play a few matches each day so you can earn at least a few pet bonuses every day.
  • Make sure to swap your pet every 3 matches.
  • Always select the pet that gives you the most silver that still has available uses for the day (which is usually the pet of the week, if you have it).

Spending Silver Coins
The main things you can buy with silver coins are farts, shirts, and banners. Only you can decide what you want to spend them on, but here are a few tips:

  • Between matches, look through the collection and figure out what cosmetics you really want to own, writing it down if that helps.
  • Make sure to only spend money on these items (I have bought several cosmetics that I haven’t used).
  • Although farts are really cheap, it’s still not worth buying ones you won’t use.
  • If you want one of the original locked cosmetics, make sure to keep 500 silver in reserve for when you unlock it.

Getting Gold Coins
Earning Gold

You occasionally get gold from daily rewards, which realistically for most players will not be more than enough gold to buy one hat for 15-30 gold coins. If you want a pet or pricier hats, you’ll have to spend some real money (see “Discounted Gold Coin Packs” below for the cheapest effective option).

Buying Specialty Packs

In general, the packs are the best value in the shop, but aren’t really worth it if you won’t wear the cosmetics.

Starter Pack: Good value (gold value equivalent of ~300 gold plus 2,500 silver).

Supporter Pack: Great value (gold value equivalent of ~850 gold plus 6,000 silver).

Note: when you go to make a purchase through Steam, if you don’t have enough in your Steam wallet, you will at first be paying for enough Steam wallet credit to complete your purchase, so you will have to go back and actually purchase the item after adding enough to your Steam wallet.

Buying Gold Coins

If you know you need a lot of gold for what you want, I highly suggest buying the 600 or 1600 coin pack. The bonus coins are great, not to mention, what you can buy with less than 200 gold coins is limited. I personally bought some of the smaller packs and regretted not having bought a larger pack from the start.

If you don’t need a lot of coins, look at redeeming some of the discounted gold packs below.

Discounted Gold Coin Packs

When you redeem a twitch drop through your gaggle[] account, you will get an offer to buy a gold pack at a discounted rate, which can be a great way to get gold coins. You can redeem one offer per twitch drop.

Both discounted gold packs get you gold at a rate that is nearly as good as the 600 gold pack. These offers are great if you’re looking to buy a bit of gold, but, if you’re looking to buy a lot, just get one of the larger packs from the shop instead.

Spending Gold Coins
This is only relevant if you actually bought gold coins.

Plan Ahead

Even more so than with silver coins, be sure you know what you actually want to buy before you pay for gold coins. Make sure to buy the pack that will get you what you want and not much more. If you have extra gold coins, you will probably find something to spend them on, even if you don’t really want what you end up buying.

Buying Hats

While there are some super-cool hats that cost 80-100 gold coins each, I suggest buying one of these ONLY if you plan on wearing it almost all the time. Otherwise, there are quite a few pieces of headgear in the 15-25 gold coins range that are both versatile and fun to wear, and you can get 4-5 of these for the price of one of the really expensive hats. Again, be sure to buy things you will actually wear, as I’ve bought some hats that still haven’t seen the light of day.

Buying Shirts

A lot of the shirts can be bought with gold coins. For the most part, I would say these are not worth it since they can be bought at any time with silver coins.

Buying Pets

If there’s one pet you really really want, just buy it, because it will make you happy. If you’re mainly trying to maximize silver coins from pet bonuses, make sure to fork over the extra 40 coins to buy one of the pets that gives you +15 silver/game for 120 gold coins (seen below), as these are objectively the best value, followed by the ones that give you 10/game, followed by the ones that give 5/game, followed by Impossible (if you buy this one, you’re just showing off). I would say for most players there is no point in having more than 3-4 pets.

Buying Kill Stingers

Kill stingers can be crafted with materials, but there is also the option to buy them with gold. For most of them, it seems like the amount of gold is relatively cheap in comparison to the amount of time it takes to earn enough materials (except for possibly the space era ones). It is definitely worth buying one or two that you like for each era. You can view the full list from your Collection in the main menu.

Buying Limited-Time Craftables

There is always the option to buy the limited craftables with gold coins. For the most part, I suggest trying to collect the materials to craft these rather than using gold coins, but if you really want an outfit and the time window is closing, just go ahead and buy it with gold coins.

Buying Banners

All but one of the banners can be bought with silver, even if they each cost several thousand silver. Especially since you can earn banners from leveling up, achievements, and daily rewards, it’s not worth spending real money on them.

Value of the Collection
I want to make it abundantly clear that this is solely a thought experiment that was born out of curiosity, partly due to some controversies of the total dollar value of all cosmetics in other games. A lot of items in GGD can be earned by just playing the game, and beyond that, you shouldn’t have to pay much for a set of cosmetics that makes you really happy.

The following calculations are made for all permanent cosmetics in the collection as of 10/31/2022.

All Hats: 7,215 gold (400 behind achievement wall)
All Shirts: 5,750 gold (can be bought with silver save one for 25 gold)
All Pets: 2,310 gold
All Kill Stingers: 880 gold (can be crafted with materials)
All Banners: 1,870 gold (can be bought with silver save one for 90 gold)

Total of all items that can be bought with gold: 18,025 gold
-Lowest cost to purchase all possible cosmetics with real money: $379.94

Total of all items that must be bought with gold: 9,640 gold
-Lowest cost to purchase all gold-only cosmetics: $203.95

Gaggle’s monetization system for GGD is excellent, and these calculations only serve to prove my point. If you really wanted to buy everything, it would not cost all that much (compared to many other free-to-play games out there), but again, there’s no real reason you would even want to.

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, so I just wanted to offer some tips that I learned along the way. Please leave the guide a like and a favorite if you found it to be helpful.

Silver/Gold Coins Guide Detail

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