Goose Goose Duck: In-Depth Roles Guide

There are a variety of roles in Goose Goose Duck, and it is important to know and understand how each one works to play them well and to know which ones to select for your lobby as host. Below is a quick explanation of the information I’m covering for each role.

Role Group: Whether it is a goose, duck, or neutral avian role.
What it does: Basic description of the role’s mechanics.
Purpose: The purpose of the role in the larger context of the game.
Special Interactions: Special interactions the role has with other roles or game play mechanics.
Claim: The conditions in which you can or should claim your role to other players.
Achievements: Short descriptions of achievements specific to the role.
How to play: The do’s and dont’s of playing the role.

Map-Specific Roles

Some roles can only be selected on certain maps as they cater to a specific mechanic, such as the fog or jail, which are not found on every map. These are denoted in the main title of each role. The maps are Mothergoose (MG), Blackswan (BS), Nexus Colony (NC), Mallard Manor (MM), Goosechapel (GC), Jungle Temple (JT), and The Basement (TB).

Roles in Other Game Modes

For information on the Falcon, Goose, and/or Duck in other game modes, see THIS guide.

Assassin and Role Claiming

With the Assassin in the game, claiming your can be dangerous at any time if you know there is or could be an Assassin. I am leaving the majority of the role claim fields unchanged, simply because the general idea of what you do and don’t want to be claiming hasn’t changed (and sometimes you know it’s safe to role claim). Claiming a role you are not is what you should be doing most of the time. For the killing roles Vigilante and Sheriff, I suggest stating that you’re one of the geese that can kill without even hinting at which one you are. It is NOT a good idea to claim any Duck or Neutral role as the Vigilante or Sheriff may still be tricked into killing you even if you are lying, which you don’t want regardless of your role. Role claiming is completely safe if the Assassin has shot twice or if you’re sure they misfired. PROX CHAT ONLY: If you honestly tell your role to someone between meetings, be sure to state in a meeting which player(s) know(s) your role and that they are the Assassin if you get assassinated.

Roles in Draft Mode

All roles that are normally available on each map can show up in Draft, with the exception of Lovers and Hitman/Bodyguard. The game tries to make sure the Duck roles are filled early, but not necessarily the Neutrals.. You can get any viable role that hasn’t been chosen by picking random (which can be a Duck or Neutral if those spots have not been filled, or basic goose). Dodo changes to Dueling Dodos if a second player picks Dodo. There is often a basic goose. The info button only shows roles that were not chosen at random, even though other roles are possible.

Draft role distributions are as follows:
5-8 players: 1 duck, 1 neutral
9 players: 2 ducks, 1 neutral
10-12 players: 2 ducks, 2 neutrals
13 players: 3 ducks, 2 neutrals
14-16 players: 3 ducks, 3 neutrals

Why are Lovers and Hitman/Bodyguard not in Draft? These roles are not in Draft because the developerss did not want to force a player to pick a certain role, which would happen to the last player if a previous player picked one half of the pair and no one else picked the other half sooner. Forcing a role defeats the purpose of Draft. Dueling Dodos works because it’s just a regular Dodo if the second Dodo is not picked.

Task Pool

With the task pool, there is a total number of tasks that need to be completed by all living geese to earn a task win. The relative size of the pool can be adjusted in the settings for Classic, but not Draft. The actual number of tasks that need to be completed is a multiplier based on the number of players.
Each goose is assigned 4 tasks initially plus any global tasks for the map. Once one task is complete, another is assigned. As long as you are alive, you will continue to be assigned new tasks until the pool is filled. You cannot run out of tasks while alive.
When you die: if you have completed 8+ tasks while alive, you will have no tasks when you die. If you completed 8 tasks or less, you will be able to complete 8 minus the number of tasks you completed while you were alive, but they will be fake.
Ducks: same as geese, except you have a maximum of 2 fake tasks at a time plus tasks to activate sabotages.
Most Neutrals: similar to geese, except your tasks are all fake.
Dueling Dodo you have 3 fake tasks as long as your dodo partner is alive, the completion of which will give you the ability to kill your dodo partner. If your dodo partner dies before you finish your third task, you will switch to having a standard neutral task pool system.

Suggested Role Settings for Classic
Below I have compiled the list of roles and the smallest lobby size that each role feels fair in. You can use these lists of roles to select roles for Classic.

5-9 players (1 duck, 0-1 neutrals)

Neutrals: Dodo

Geese: Gravy, Engineer, Vigilante, Medium, Adventurer

Ducks: Cannibal, Spy, Snitch

10-13 players (2 ducks, 2-3 neutrals)

Neutrals: Vulture, Pigeon. Falcon. Pelican

Geese: Canadian, Sheriff, Detective, Birdwatcher, Politician , Locksmith , Mortician, Celebrity, Avenger, Esper, Astral

Ducks: Silencer, Assassin, Professional, Hitman/Bodyguard, Morphling , Party, Identity Thief , Undertaker, Invisibility, Serial Killer

14-16 players (3 ducks, 3-4 neutrals)

Neutrals: Dueling Dodo

Geese: Mimic

Ducks: Lovers, Demolitionist, Ninja (JT)

Classic Goose

  • Try to stay alive.
  • Finish tasks as fast as reasonably possible.
  • Pay attention to who you see around you.
  • Look for bodies or try to identify the killers between tasks.

Special Interactions: You cannot be assassinated.

Classic Duck

  • Activate sabotages covertly if alive, or activate all the sabotages if you’re dead.
  • Kill geese that the lobby has hard-cleared whenever possible, or players with threatening roles like the Sheriff, Vigilante, and Detective. Also be sure to kill any players with Neutral roles when you can.
  • Focus on clearing yourself primarily; defending your partner can be grounds for getting voted out.
  • Once dead, focus on calling all the sabotages and killing geese using the airlock (SS/BS), the teleporter or shuttle (NC), the chandelier (MM), or the bridges/boulder (JT).

Special Interactions: Can see Professional bodies.

Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You win if you get voted out.
Purpose: To prevent the lobby from randomly voting out an excessive number of players in an attempt to vote out the Ducks.
Special Interactions: You can see Professional bodies.
Claim: Almost never.
Achievements: Win 75 games; win as the first player voted out 10 times.
How to play: Dodo is a tricky role to play because you have to make yourself suspicious enough that players want to vote you out, but if you make it obvious that you really want to be voted out they’ll know you’re the dodo. You can just hope that you get voted off as suspicion for a kill. Reporting a body and not talking can sometimes do the trick, as well as not reporting a body, or faking Cameras or Intercom. Knowing how your lobby reacts to certain potentially suspicious actions is key to picking the right ones to get voted out. Staying alive is the biggest key. Avoid doing suspicious things in front of the Vigilante, Sheriff, or Ducks if you know who any of them are, as they may just shoot you right there. Sometimes saying something in a meeting that makes players want to vote you out immediately is the best way to win.

Dueling Dodo
Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You win if you get voted out after the other Dueling Dodo is dead. You can kill the other Dodo yourself after you finish your tasks, and you only have 3 tasks. You get a yellow arrow pointing to the other Dodo’s location immediately after you finish your tasks if they are alive. You have no kill cooldown.
Special Interactions: Can see Professional bodies.
Claim: Never
Achievements: Win 75 games; kill 150 times.
How to play: Finish your tasks ASAP, then beeline for the other dodo if they’re alive. Being seen killing the other dodo is rarely an issue, but you want to try and time it so that a regular kill button would be off cooldown (20-30 seconds into the round). Sometimes this requires you to kite the other Dodo until at least 20 seconds into the round. Knowing that you killed someone is usually good enough reason for the lobby to vote you out. If the other Dodo is already dead, just try to get voted out using normal Dodo strategies. If you can, you want to make sure that someone sees you kill; however, not making this obvious is the hardest part. Killing in front of a group is not suggested, or with lights down, etc.

Vulture (Not TB)
Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You can eat corpses and must eat a certain number to win (based on the total number of players, 2-5).
Purpose: Benefits the ducks by reducing the number of meetings and removing the knowledge of where certain players died.
Special Interactions: Can see Professional bodies. Can eat Demolitionist victims. Can eat a body being dragged by the Undertaker.
Claim: Never.
Achievements: Win 75 games; eat 750 corpses.
How to play: The two biggest keys to this role are staying alive and never letting anyone see you eat a body (unless it’s the last one you need). It is better to pass up a corpse than to be seen eating one (a mistake I’ve learned the hard way). You sort of want to stay near the center of the map at all times while still moving around a bit and still doing some tasks. If you think someone might die somewhere (such as at lights), head there, but head there late so you aren’t the one killed. Head straight for a body whenever you see it; just remember to pass it up if others are around.

Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You infect other players. Infect all living, uneaten players to win. Your progress resets each meeting. You can vent/hide. Your cooldown increases for each player you’ve infected this round.
Purpose: Helps discourage players from grouping up and/or prevents rounds dragging on between meetings.
Special Interactions: Can see Professional bodies. Can use the fog (JT).
Claim: Never
Achievements: Win 75 games; infect 1500 players.
How to play: Since you have to infect all other living players, you almost have to stay alive until there are fewer players. Just keep walking around so you can infect players as fast as possible. Try to keep track of who you infected as there is no visual, although it won’t let you infect the same person in the same round twice. Avoid dangerous areas whenever possible. You can use the vents to get across the map quickly while searching for people, or to hide during lights sabotage, but make sure not to get caught venting. Complete tasks only when necessary to not look suspicious or to not get kicked. Avoid using the fog, as it usually gets you killed or voted out (JT).

Falcon (Not TB)
Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You can kill players of most any role without consequence. You win if Falcon Hunt runs out (explained below). While you are alive, Ducks cannot win by outnumbering geese and geese cannot win by removing all the ducks. You have to skip at meetings.
Purpose: Makes the length of rounds more consistent.
Special Interactions: Can claim Gravy’s bounty. Will usually report Canadian. Can see Professional bodies.
Claim: Never
Achievements: Win 75 games; enter Falcon Hunt as the Falcon 250 times, kill the Falcon during Falcon Hunt.
How to play: Staying alive is your number one priority, and to this end, I would say there are two distinct ways to play the Falcon. 1) If you are confident in your ability to kill people and not get caught, then kill frequently to reduce the number of players (and also hopefully kill some ducks). 2) Kill only to protect yourself, and near the end of the game.
Whichever option you choose, you want to be sure that most or all of the ducks are dead by the final 5. Killing the ducks and/or neutral roles is advantageous to ensure that people who can kill you or could win before you are dead. Make sure to start killing people if the task bar is getting full. Once you are on the final 3, you literally just have to stay alive, so just try to stay away from everyone until the Hunt ends. If you end a meeting with four players, just kill one of them and wait out the timer.

Falcon Hunt

When the number of living players is or becomes 3 (and the Falcon is alive), Falcon Hunt starts. When the Hunt starts, players receive a different message based on their role (Geese: Finish your Tasks, Ducks: Kill the Falcon, Other Neutrals: Complete your Objective, Falcon: Stay Alive). No bodies can be reported during this time, and no meetings can be called. Killing the Falcon or completing all goose tasks are the only ways to prevent the Falcon from winning once the Hunt has started. Sometimes the Falcon is just guaranteed to win once the Hunt starts (no killing roles alive and/or task bar not near completion). While rare, if a player kills the Canadian while 4 or less players including the Falcon are alive, they will not auto-self report. Also, if the Falcon becomes the only living player, the game ends.

Pelican (TB)
Role Group: Neutral
What it does: You can kill players of most any role without consequence. You kill players by swallowing them whole, and they die when the next meeting is called. You win if the Pelican Hunt runs out (see “Falcon Hunt” above). While you are alive, Ducks cannot win by outnumbering geese, and geese cannot win by killing/voting out all the ducks. You can only skip at meetings. If you are killed while there are birds in your belly, they will pop out. Your cooldown increases by 5 seconds each time you swallow a player, and does NOT reset at meetings.
Purpose: Makes the length of games more consistent.
Special Interactions: Can claim Gravy’s bounty. Will usually report Canadian. Can see Professional bodies. You die if you swallow a player holding a bomb and the bomb goes off. Proximity chat: you can hear the players in your belly.
Claim: Never
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: Since the swallow cooldown permanently increases each time you use it, you want to use it sparingly in the first couple rounds of the game. Use it in self-defense as necessary, but try not to spam it. Once there are fewer players alive, you can go all-out. Hiding when your swallow cooldown is resetting is a helpful strategy. You can also try to swallow a known duck at any point in the game to try to increase your odds of winning, or you can also call meetings to vote them out (which may also help clear you to the geese).

Role Group: Goose
What it does: A bounty of silver coins is given to you or your killer or you if that player stays alive the entire game. Each task you complete increases the size of the bounty (1 silver per task, maximum 8 silver*, can be 0). The bounty can be passed between players (Example: If the Sheriff shoots the duck who killed the Gravy and the geese win, the Sheriff gets the bounty). The symbol will not appear above your head until you have completed at least one task. If a player tries to kill you while another player is nearby, the kill will bounce off you and the other player will die instead.
Purpose: Another potential way to identify the ducks.
Special Interactions: Non-duck killing roles can claim your bounty, but they will not be able to see the icon above your head. You cannot be assassinated.
Claim: Anytime (even with Assassin)
Achievements: Win 75 games, claim the bounty 250 times as any role.
How to play: Watch the movements of players around you as you go around the map. Anyone who seems to stop when you pass by or doubles back is likely a duck as only ducks can see that you’re the Gravy. You are probably going to die, so just do your best to figure out the ducks are before then. Openly admitting (or claiming) to have not done any tasks may keep the ducks from wanting to kill you.

Dealing with the Gravy as a Duck

You know who the Gravy is because you’ll see the symbol above by their name. The number of coins provided by the Gravy’s bounty is so minimal that killing them is not really worth it or a priority. The only reason that you may want to seek them out is because it’s the main role anyone claims when Assassin is in play, so you might want to kill them just to remove a goose that’s been cleared. Do not attempt to kill them unless they are alone.

*Earning more than 8 silver was unintended, and it started happening after the 2.06 quality of life update, but it was not patched out until the 2.12 update.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You may know the number of dead, active players on a cooldown.
Claim: Anytime
Achievements: Win 75 games; use your ability 5+ times in 15 games.
How to play: Make sure to pay attention to how many players are dead at each meeting so that when you use your ability you can figure out if anyone has died (or any number above 0 before the first meeting). The most important use of this power is keeping track of how long a body or bodies have been dead for, so for instance if the ghost count hasn’t changed when you check and 2 seconds later a body gets reported, whoever reports it killed or saw who killed. Alternately, if the body is really old, you can say that being close to it now is mostly irrelevant. Be sure to search for a body if a lot of people have died since the last meeting. Make sure to count the seconds since you last checked so you have the most accurate information. Try not to use your ability immediately after completing a task, as the indicator for a material drop will cover up your ability.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can kill any player once per game.
Purpose: Allows you to kill off a suspicious player at any point, even if the lobby is reluctant to vote them out.
Special Interactions: Can claim Gravy’s bounty. Will report Canadian.
Claim: After killing someone or after someone else claims Vigilante.
Achievements: Win 75 games; kill 1,000 players.
How to play: While shooting people early is fun, the chances of you shooting a bad role later in the round are better (unless you specifically seek out someone activating a sabotage early). Feel free to shoot if you are fairly sure someone is a Duck or any Neutral role, but I suggest reporting the body even if you don’t claim Vigilante (Assassin). Any role the Sheriff can safely kill is a good target for the Vigilante, although Ducks are the priority if the Sheriff is dead. If you’re using proximity chat, you can also tell people to stay away from you unless they want to get shot, which is fun.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can kill any number of non-geese so long as you don’t shoot a goose. Killing a goose will cause you to commit Seppuku.
Purpose: This role is a double-edged sword that either greatly benefits the ducks or geese depending on how successful the Sheriff is. Helps counter Dodo.
Special Interactions: Can claim Gravy’s bounty. Will NOT report Canadian.
Claim: After killing someone.
Achievements: Win 75 games; successfully shoot 300 non-geese; successfully shoot 5 non-geese in a single game.
How to play: While shooting people early is fun, the chances of you shooting a bad role later in the round are better (unless you specifically seek out someone activating a sabotage early). Since shooting wrong will kill you, try to shoot only if you are sure someone is a Duck or Neutral role, but I suggest reporting the body even if you don’t claim Sheriff (Assassin). Players acting strongly like the Dodo or Duck are the safest to kill. Killing in front of people is fine, just be sure to report your kill right away. If you’re using proximity chat, you can tell people to stay away from you unless they want to get shot, which is fun.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: Your killer will automatically report your body after 1 second most of the time.
Purpose: Another way for geese to identify a killer.
Special Interactions: Sheriff and Professional will not report your body. Your body is not reported if there is no body to report after one second, your killer is dead, another meeting is called, you died to a map kill, Falcon/Pelican hunt is active, or the game is over.
Claim: At the first meeting (non-proximity chat). With proximity chat, tell 1-2 trusted individuals your role (your “lawyers”), being sure to tell new players if your lawyer(s) die.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: Once you have claimed your role, purposefully put yourself into dangerous situations (fixing sabotages, being alone, etc) in hopes that you get killed. Your role is ONLY useful if you die AND other players know you were Canadian. Pretending to be AFK works nicely. Proximity chat – if you’ve claimed your role to just a couple people, you should type in chat who you told, so that if you get assassinated the geese can vote your killer (and it may discourage the Assassin from shooting).

Mimic (Not TB)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You are a basic goose whose name will appear red to the Ducks.
Purpose: Can counter the ability for Ducks to get double kills. Slows down kills by forcing the Ducks to identify the Mimic or be more careful.
Special Interactions: All Duck roles will see your name in red. Ducks can kill ducks. Ducks cannot be blind. You can enter the fog (JT).
Claim: Before being voted out or if you have successfully identified a duck(s).
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: The mimic is a tricky role because you want to act somewhat like a Duck so that the other Ducks might kill or vent in front of you, but if you act too much like a duck in front of Geese you might just get voted out (or shot by the Sheriff/Vigilante). Faking sabotage tasks (or doing the goose tasks that are on sabotages) is a TERRIBLE idea, as any Duck nearby will know that it either has already been activated, or it wasn’t activated by you. You similarly should not activate cameras or intercoms if you have them, as a duck wouldn’t have those.

Dealing with the Mimic as a Duck

Don’t try too hard to identify the Mimic and instead focus on killing with lights down or with no one around. Killing the mimic is NOT a priority as you can win without killing them. Do not claim Mimic, as your duck partner may just kill you or Assassin misfire. Remember that you can kill your partner, so don’t press the kill button anywhere near your partner (I’ve killed my partner by accident several times). The best way to identify your duck partner(s) is by being nearby as they activate a sabotage, as the task will get marked as complete on your screen, but if you see them kill, morph, vent/hide, etc., that works too.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can see if a player has killed since the last meeting (via an angel or devil icon above their head) on a cooldown, so you can potentially check multiple players per round. The icon will NOT change from an angel, even if they kill after you check them. The cooldown is 25% longer than the kill cooldown.
Purpose: Another way for geese to identify a Duck/Falcon. One of the most objective accusations in the game.
Special Interactions: Will show the devil icon for a Vigilante, Sheriff, Avenger, etc who has killed this round. Will not show a devil icon for a Pelican or Demolitionist.
Claim: After identifying a player who has killed.
Achievements: Win 75 games; identify a killer, have them get voted out in the next meeting, and get assassinated in the same game; identify a killer and have them get voted out in the next meeting 250 times.
How to play: Try to use your ability on players that you or the lobby strongly suspects of being a Duck or Falcon whenever possible. Your ability isn’t useful if the person in question is openly claiming Vigilante or Sheriff. It is okay to call a meeting if you have identified a Duck/Falcon using your ability. You want to use your ability near its cooldown, as you are more likely to catch a killer if you check more people.

Birdwatcher (Not NC)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can toggle between regular vision and flashlight vision that can see through walls on a 5-second cooldown.
Purpose: Another way for geese to potentially identify ducks.
Special Interactions: You can see during lights out (JT/TB).
Claim: Anytime
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: Try to focus on seeing through walls into areas where you think a kill might happen, such as an adjacent room you just left some players in or a room adjacent to an ongoing sabotage. You want to be using your flashlight vision more often than not. If you can keep walking while looking through the wall, you should, as stopping in random corners or next to walls can make it obvious that you’re birdwatcher for the Assassin, or even other ducks.

Politician (MG/GC)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: If there is a majority vote tie between you and one other player in a meeting, they will get voted out. If you and two or more other players tie in a vote, the other players go to jail. You cannot get sent to jail.
Achievements: Win 75 games; be in 200 voting ties.
How to play: This role is mainly passive abilities, so just enjoy the fact you can’t go to jail.

Locksmith (MG/GC)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can unlock the jail cell door at any time, even from inside the cell.
Achievements: Win 75 games; open the cell door 250 times (this one is bugged and doesn’t trigger on Mothergoose).
How to play: Use this ability wisely, because it can clear you to a goose, but the Assassin will be able to shoot you in a meeting if you unlock the doors in front of them shortly after the round starts.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can investigate the role of a corpse using your ability uninterrupted for 3 seconds. There is a sound effect when it is done.
Purpose: Confirming the roles of dead players can help to catch a duck in a lie or confirm that a duck/neutral is no longer a threat. Counters the idea that a player is suspicious for standing over a body.
Special Interactions: Can investigate a corpse being dragged by the Undertaker. Cannot investigate Demolitionist victims or Professional kills.
Achievements: Win 75 games; use your ability 250 times, have your ability get interrupted by a Vulture or Cannibal eating the body.
How to play: You can do some tasks in the beginning of each round, but once kill is off cooldown, you should just walk around and look for bodies. Partnering up with another player you trust can be beneficial to help prevent you from being an easy target. If you find the Vulture, it may be beneficial to follow them for a couple rounds instead of simply suggesting the lobby vote them out, as they can lead you right to the bodies. If playing with prox chat, you can tell other players nearby not to report a body that you are trying to use your ability on.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: All other living geese are alerted when you are killed. Ducks and neutrals don’t receive this alert. Geese are not alerted if you die to a map kill, the Pelican, or are voted out.
Purpose: Can help the geese identify a duck or Falcon by knowing who was near the Celebrity at the time of their death, or based on who can’t confirm whether the Celebrity is dead or alive.
Claim: Almost never, unless you are playing with prox chat.
Achievements: Win 75 games; die 200 times (most map kills/Pelican don’t count).
How to play: Like Canadian, your role is most useful when you die. You want to be putting yourself in dangerous situations so that other players can identify the duck. Living geese should be asking suspicious players when the celebrity died to help identify the ducks (just be aware of Dodo). If you’re playing with prox chat, you can tell 1-2 players your role, but be SURE you can trust them, as a duck will usually pass the information along to their partners so none of them can be identified from the Celebrity’s death (nullifying your role).

Adventurer (Not GC/TB)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You cannot be killed by map hazards. There is a special sound (reminiscent of Indiana Jones) that plays when you avoid a hazard.
Claim: Anytime.
Achievements: Win 75 games; use your ability 200 times.
How to play: This main perk of this role is that you won’t die to map hazards, but if you can get another goose to witness you survive a map kill, it will hard clear you. It is also possible to trick a living duck into using a map hazard while you are in range, but you will want to go call a meeting immediately if you can identify a duck this way.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: If you witness a player kill, you can then kill any single player for 10 seconds. This can trigger multiple multiple times per round.
Special Interactions: Can claim Gravy’s bounty. Will report Canadian.
Claim: After killing a player, if necessary.
Achievements: Win 75 games; use your ability 200 times.
How to play: With this role, you want to try and stick to a group, or at least one other trusted player, as you will not likely be able to use the ability if you are running around alone. Try to keep your finger over your kill button so that you can react quickly. Also, try to target whoever killed (if you don’t know they’re a Vigilante/Sheriff). Partnering with the Vigilante/Sheriff is usually not a good idea, as you are more likely to kill a goose.

Esper (TB)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You automatically block Telepathy and Clairvoyance sabotages while you’re alive.
Purpose: Prevents the ducks from using key sabotages.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: Staying alive is crucial, so it’s usually helpful to find someone you trust and stick with them. If you notice a player approach you while you aren’t alone and then double back, or try to chase you while you’re alone, they might be a duck.

Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can send your spirit through walls for 10 seconds at a time. Your body is vulnerable and immobile while you do this. Your have black and white vision while out of your body, and you can’t see player colors or outfits. You can hear players if playing with proximity chat.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: You want to know that several players are already in the room you plan to send your spirit into, but you want to try and make sure you’ll be safe while you’re out of body. If you can find someone you trust to walk around with, it makes it a lot easier. Because you’re so prone while using your ability, you only want to use it when you think you have a good chance to catch something. The ability works nicely if you can leave a couple people in a room and then send your spirit back in shortly after. Pay attention to voices in proximity chat lobbies.

Engineer (Not JT)
Role Group: Goose
What it does: You can see the approximate location of sabotages called by living ducks on the minimap. You can vent/hide. You can stay in a vent for 10 seconds before being kicked out. You have increased vision and hearing while hiding.
Purpose: Can help identify ducks for hiding/venting/calling sabotages.
Claim: Near the start of the round, or immediately after someone sees you vent/hide, or if you can identify a duck for calling a sabotage. Claiming this role late in the game is a bad idea.
Achievements: Win 75 games on MG/BS/NC; win 75 games on MM/TB; win 75 games on any map; hop in the leaf pile on Mallard Manor.
How to play: Check the minimap when sabotages are called, and periodically on maps with hidden sabotages (NC/TB especially), to try an identify the ducks. You should be hiding most of the time on MM/TB, alternating hide locations each round. On MG/BS/NC, you shouldn’t necessarily be venting on cooldown. You can use your ability to move around quickly, or to try and catch a duck venting near an active sabotage. Don’t worry about tasks. It can also be worth telling the lobby there is a dead duck if this was not already obvious.

Role Group: Goose, Duck/Goose, Special
What it does: You and a random player are “in love” (you know who because their name and yours will be in pink). If one Lover dies, the other immediately commits Seppuku. It’s either 2 Geese or 1 Duck and 1 Goose. You are effectively a Classic Goose or Classic Duck. You can win as Duck and Geese respectively even if you don’t win specifically as lovers. To win as lovers, you and your Lover have to be 2 of only 3 living players in the lobby, and one of those 3 players HAS to be a duck or Falcon. It can be easier to win as Lovers if one of the Lovers is a duck. Note: If your Lover disconnects from the game without dying, you will not die, but you can only win as duck or goose.
Purpose: Makes it easier for Ducks to get away with killing multiple players in a round because Lovers dying is always a possibility.
Special Interactions: If one lover is a Duck, other partner Ducks can kill the lover Goose, resulting in the death of their Duck partner. A Duck lover can kill their Goose lover. If your lover gets voted out, you will die at the end of the meeting.
Claim: NEVER!
Achievements: Win 50 games (winning with the geese/ducks counts).
How to play: Hands down the hardest role to play in the game, as your survival is partly in the hands of another player. Primarily, you want to be sure you and your partner stay alive without making it obvious that you are lovers (being together all the time, trying too hard to clear each other). Given that you need to be in the final 3, you have to make sure to get all but 1 of the ducks out before the final 4 (the duck lover if you aren’t both geese). You almost want to figure out who the ducks are while allowing them to kill off most of the lobby before you vote them out. Try to vote with your lover whenever possible (if votes aren’t shown). Encouraging the lobby to vote out players can be advantageous as long as you avoid the Dodo. If your partner is a duck lover, you can just try to follow them around everywhere as this tends to keep you safe (especially in non-prox lobbies). As a duck lover, you should tell your partner(s) not to kill your goose lover (prox lobbies)

Role Group: Duck/Goose
What it does: HITMAN: Get 8 silver coins at the end of the game for killing a randomly selected target player. Bodyguard: You get 8 silver coins if the target lives to the end of the game, or if the Hitman kills you while you are within range of the target. The target does not know they are the target, and the target can be any non-duck, non-mimic player. The Hitman and Bodyguard can see who the target is based on a symbol by their head.
Purpose: Counters the idea that someone is a duck just because they are following you.
Special Interactions: Hitman – killing the target with a map kill does not trigger the bonus.
Claim: Hitman: never. Bodyguard: if about to be voted out, or to the target in prox chat lobbies.
Achievements: Win 75 games (both roles).
How to play HITMAN: Try to locate and kill the target quickly, as you don’t get the bonus if someone else kills them, or if they disconnect. Just be sure the target is not close to another player when trying to kill them.
How to play BODYGUARD: Every round you’re going to want to find the player you’re protecting and follow them. If you notice a player that seems to be following the pair of you, they could very well be the Hitman. You will also want to protect the target in meetings, as you know firmly that they aren’t a duck. In prox lobbies, you can tell the person you’re protecting your role safely because the selected player cannot be a duck.

Cannibal (Not JT)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can eat a corpse once per game.
Special Interactions: You can eat Demolitionist victims.
Achievements: Win 75 games; eat 500 corpses, win a game after eating the corpse of another duck.
How to play: Eating a body late in the game (especially on the final 4) can be extremely strong, but that’s only if you make it that far. Eating the first body you kill can work just fine too. Just like with Vulture, make sure no one sees you eat the body.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: Before each meeting, you can silence one player so they will be unable to use voice or text chat in the next meeting. You cannot vent.
Purpose: Counters the notion that someone is a duck because they are quiet.
Achievements: Win 75 games; silence the same player 3 times in a single game, silence 500 players.
How to play: Silencing someone becomes more dangerous as the game goes on, because players will cross paths with fewer players between meetings (i.e. if someone is silenced and they ONLY crossed paths with you, they know you’re a Duck). Killing the person you silenced last round is usually a good idea. Silence players only when it has a clear and strong benefit. Also, try not to walk up to someone with the sole purpose of silencing them, as this can give you away too. Avoid killing in corners since you can’t vent; if you pass someone heading towards a body you just killed, you should silence them.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: At every meeting, if you are the only player to vote for someone, you can learn their role (seen on the meeting screen in subsequent meetings). You can see who the Gravy is in meetings without spying.
Purpose: Counters the strength of players not claiming key Goose roles that threaten the Ducks (Engineer, Sheriff, Vigilante, Detective).
Achievements: Win 75 games; spy on 500 players, reveal the Mimic using your ability 150 times.
How to play: Kill players as normal, and make sure to try to identify the role of someone at every meeting. Focus on identifying the mimic if there is one. Early in the game, it is not necessary to vote with the group, so just try to vote players that you think will not get voted in the current meeting. If your partner is the Assassin and you’re playing with proximity chat, try to relay role information to them.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: Up to twice per game, once per meeting, you can kill a non-Duck in a meeting by correctly guessing their role. You will die if you guess incorrectly. You can only assassinate during voting time.
Purpose: Allows you to kill players who are hard to find or kill. Significantly weakens the strength of players claiming their roles. Weakens the Canadian, Engineer, Mimic, and Detective roles in particular.
Special Interactions: Will not report Canadian if assassinated. You cannot assassinate Gravy or Classic Geese. Assassinating a Lover Goose will kill both Lovers (even if one is a Duck), but assassinating Lovers only counts as 1 of your 2 shots. You cannot select yourself while attempting an assassination.
Claim: Never.
Achievements: Win 75 games; successfully assassinate 500 players, assassinate Lovers.
How to play: Since you can die if you guess incorrectly, you want to wait until you are sure someone is indeed a certain role before trying to Assassinate them. You can still kill outside of meetings, so it’s okay if you don’t use your power right away. Try to focus on the roles that players tend to claim anyway, or when someone has used their ability like Detective, Vigilante, or Sheriff. Assassinations are free kills, so take advantage of them if you’re sure of someone’s role. If you’ve identified the Mimic, assassinating them works well, or if you’ve seen the Vulture eat one of your kills. Just be aware that players can claim roles they aren’t to try and get you to shoot wrong. If you are 99% sure you’re going to get voted out in a meeting, you should try to assassinate someone even if you aren’t sure of anyone’s role.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: Bodies you kill will disappear (on any goose’s screen), and any goose walking within a radius of the body will auto-report it. Bodies you kill are visible to and not auto-reported by other ducks and neutrals. You cannot report ANY bodies. Your first kill cooldown each round is 25% longer than the lobby setting.
Purpose: Counters Canadian.
Special Interactions: Will NOT report Canadian. Players on a task will get kicked from that task to report the body if they are within the report range.
Achievements: Win 75 games; kill the Canadian 25 times.
How to play: In some ways, playing the Professional is a lot like playing Classic Duck, as you can vent and people can’t see the bodies. You can get away with some fun vision plays if you believe players are on a task. You don’t want to be killing on a stack as Professional. If you find a body get away from it ASAP since you can’t report it. Because anyone who reports a professional kill cannot be the professional, you want to target players who have reported a professional kill when the number of players is low (especially if you’re the only duck alive).

Morphling (Not JT/TB)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can take the DNA of other players and transform into them. You cannot vent. DNA is saved until you morph (does NOT reset at meetings).
Purpose: Adds plausible deniability for a player seen killing.
Special Interactions: Will report Canadian. If you are killed while morphed, your body will change to the proper color.
Achievements: Win 75 games; morph into 1,250 players; kill while morphed as a player that is already dead; kill players while morphed as them 100 times; win a game without morphing.
How to play: NEVER take the DNA of your duck partner(s), or the Dodo (if known). While morphing is extremely fun, every successful morph means 3 different things you could become suspicious for (taking DNA, morphing, unmorphing). You have to be extra careful to make sure you are not seen doing any of these things, but killing while morphed is usually safe (not to mention powerful). Try to make sure you don’t morph into a living player and pass by them (taking someone’s DNA, killing them, then morphing into them is really effective against this). If you are playing with proximity chat, be sure to NOT speak while you are morphed as this can give you away as well.

Snitch (MG/GC)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: If you are the only vote on a player (including yourself) in a meeting where no one is voted out, that person will be sent to jail.
Purpose: Allows the jail to get used more often.
Special Interactions: Can’t send Politician to jail.
Achievements: Win 75 games; send 150 players to jail.
How to play: Who you send to jail isn’t usually important, but sending you and/your partners to jail may help make them clear in the eyes of the lobby. If you know the identity of the Falcon or Sheriff, try to send them to jail. If you consistently send several people to jail early in the game and then purposefully stop, it can give the illusion that you are dead, which can be beneficial.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: Once per round, you can give another player a high-pitched voice in the next meeting. You have to use this ability before you can vent/hide each round.
Purpose: Makes the game more fun and interesting.
Achievements: Win 75 games; use your ability 150 times.
How to play: Either try to use your ability in a group of people, or try to kill whoever you use it on. You can also choose not to use it if you think you won’t need to vent/hide (especially on MM/JT/TB). Much like Silencer, you want to avoid using your ability late into the game, since anyone with a high pitched voice cannot be the Party.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can only kill players by planting bombs on them.
Purpose: Adds more chaos and fun to the game.
Special Interactions: Won’t report Canadian. The cooldown for planting bombs is always 20 seconds regardless of lobby settings.
Achievements: Win 75 games; plant 200 bombs.
How to play: You usually want to be planting bombs either when you are with a group of people or when it’s dark. Make sure to get out of the area after planting a bomb to avoid it coming back to you. It’s usually not hard to plant a bomb shortly after it comes off cooldown, which you want to be doing whenever possible.

How Bombs Work

The bomb activates 15 seconds after it is planted. Bombs can be passed between players. Any living player can be passed a bomb. Players can hear a ticking sound when an active bomb is in their vicinity, and then there is an audible boom for all players when the bomb explodes. Bodies killed by a bomb cannot be reported, morticianed or dragged, but can be eaten. A bomb can only kill one player. A bomb does not go away when a meeting is called, but the number of seconds before it blows up is extended by about 5 seconds after the meeting is over. You can call a meeting if you are holding a bomb.

Identity Thief (JT/TB)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: When you kill, you immediately transform into your most recent victim, but you turn back to normal when meetings are called.
Special Interactions: If you die while assuming another player’s identity, your body will turn back to its proper color.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: You want to make sure you are not seen killing the first time each round, since you are not disguised. Kills are almost completely free once you’ve assumed another player’s identity. If you’re using proximity chat, be sure to mute your mic when you’re assuming another player’s identity. Going in and out of the fog can still be dangerous even while assuming another player’s identity (JT).

Ninja (JT)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can kill up to 2 players in your vicinity. Your starting cooldown is three times longer than the normal cooldown, but the remaining cooldown ticks down twice as fast while you’re in the fog. Your cooldown does NOT reset at meetings. You can kill other ducks.
Purpose: Adds another explanation for seeing two bodies close together.
Special Interactions: Will report Canadian.
Achievements: Win 75 games; perform 250 double kills (killing one player counts).
How to play: As the Ninja, you pretty much want to be hiding in the fog until you have the opportunity to kill. Killing with the lights down is the most feasible and effective option to keep from getting caught, as you can theoretically kill in a large group without being noticed. Do not press the kill button if another duck is remotely close to you.

Undertaker (JT/TB)
Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can drag bodies, but you move slower when you do. Who killed the bodies is irrelevant. Press the button once to pick up a body, and press the button again to set the body down. There is a 3 second cooldown after killing before you can drag a body.
Suggested Lobby Conditions: 2+ Ducks
Special Interactions: Can’t drag Demolitionist victims. You can dispose of bodies (TB)
Claim: Never
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: This is another role where hiding in the fog can be extremely effective. If you can pounce on a player passing by and then drag their body into the fog, almost no one will be able to find it. However, if Mimic and/or Pigeon is in play, you probably won’t want to stand over dead bodies in the fog, just to be safe. Also, don’t try to kill near a dead body, as the game will prioritize picking up the dead body over killing the living player.

Role Group: Duck
What it does: You can temporarily turn invisible. You move faster and cannot see yourself or others while invisible. You can still be killed while invisible if a player is spamming their kill button. You cannot vent/hide.
Purpose: Helps counter grouping.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: Killing people while invisible can be hard to pull off, because you can’t see them to kill, or to know if there’s someone around when you turn back. Killing while invisible is easier with the lights off or later in the game, or if you know the majority of players are in the same area. You can always try to end your invisibility in areas that players don’t frequent. Killing while invisible is usually safe if there’s a group, as they will probably blame each other, and may report the body before your invisibility wears off. Killing stray players without going invisible is usually fine. You can also kill a player, turn invisible, and run away, which can work nicely.

Serial Killer
Role Group: Duck
What it does: You are randomly assigned a target at the start of the game, and you are assigned a new target if your current target dies. The target can be any non-duck, non-Mimic. If you kill your target, your kill cooldown decreases by 2 seconds (minimum 6 seconds), but your cooldown increases by 4 seconds if you kill a player besides your target. The length of your kill cooldown DOES NOT reset after meetings. A red arrow shows where your current target is at all times.
Achievements: Win 75 games.
How to play: One of the easiest things to forget while playing this role is to avoid being seen after killing your target, as it is tempting to immediately follow the red arrow to the next target, wherever it may lead you. Make sure you are being smart about your route, venting/hiding if necessary, on your way to the next target. Also, try not to double back on your target unless you can actually go in for the kill. If your target is in a group, try to call a sabotage to split them up or blind them. If your target is venting/hiding, just try to kill other players. While the penalty for killing random players is noticeable, not getting any kills is the larger concern.

In-Depth Roles Guide Detail

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