Crypt How to Win the Game

Starting the Game
Step 0: In the Title Screen, go to Options and check Can Win the Game. Start the game.
Step 1: Exit the beginning area by using the key on the lock.
Step 2: Take the strange artifact near the coffin.

During these steps, press E near any pots that you can find. You might save some time on preparation.

Preparation for the Run

Seriously, from this moment forward, picking up any keys will activate Greg to roam. He will bang on his coffin but he won’t be able to come out until you pick up your first key. Below I will list what preparation to do. Mentally note down where all keys are and memorize where to get them.

The Lever Room, 2 keys

In the lever room, switch the levers to this configuration, with orientation being from when you enter the lever room (R means lever pointing to Right, L means level pointing to Left)


From there, you can walk across the bridges starting from the right going forward, then taking left, and forward to the ending ledge of the room. DO NOT PICK UP THE KEY. Instead look for a Tome and leave. Note where the second key is, which is on the floor below and maybe under the second bridge to last bridge you cross exiting the room. It glows, so look for a glowing spot.

The Stone Room, 1 key

To the left of the four key holes in the main room is the Stone Room. Here, there are three blocks stacked on top of each other and a correct permutation is needed to unlock the key. These symbols can be found in The Maze, but we’re too busy to be nerds looking at symbols so we’re going to force the lock. Rotate the top 3 times, the middle 2 times, and the bottom 3 times. DO NOT PICK UP THE KEY. Instead, go to the Maze. If a Tome is in this room, pick it up and head out.

The Maze, 1 key

The maze is very confusing. The maze is 3 layers. Presumably this is supposed to match the Stone Room, but don’t worry about that. Check each layer (searching for the tomb, if you haven’t found it yet) and you will be looking for a little alcove. Inside is a key. If you have not found the tome, search for the tome and make your way back to the key room. Otherwise, it’s time to execute our escape plan.

Starting this section, you should be in the Maze next to a key, and have grabbed the 3 tomes.

First, grab the key and escape the maze. Easier said than done, but don’t worry as Greg shouldn’t be after you yet. Make your way back to the Coffin Room then run into the Stone Room. Grab the key there, and go back to the Coffin Room. Quickly make your way to the Lever Room and cross the platforms to the other side of the room and grab the key. Make your way back across the platforms and drop down where you found the other key. Then make your way to the staircase (it should be on the rightmost side of the room, if you’re running back) and make your way to the keyholes.

The order in which you put the keys in does not matter. Pushing them in should activate the secret exit in the maze. Reports indicate that the exit can be found in the Stone Room, or the Maze.


Now go rub it in Greg’s face.

Thanks to the following steam members for helping to crack the puzzle:

EL REY DEL SERVIDOR and CellarPhantom for finding the location of the secret exit.
KektusBOD (and many others) for the tip of moving diagonally and sprinting to move faster.
gristCollector for finding the easier Stone Room solution.

How to Win the Game Detail

This game haveFavorites category. You will be able to access all the tips and tricks of the game in the pdf file we have prepared for you. The PDF file consists of 22 pages and it has a size of about 12 mb. You can send us the game guides you want us to prepare from our contact page.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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