Cities: Skylines: How To Punish Your Citizens

Destroy All Modes of Entry
The first thing you are going to want to do is end any way for your people to escape. If you are using the Natural Disasters DLC, now would be a good time to lay out your plan for armageddon. Find every single bridge, highway, railroad, port, airport, space elevator, ANYTHING that ANYBODY can use to sneak into your area must be eradicated.

Play With Policies
By this point, your citizens may not be at absolute hatred of you yet, but that will soon change. Your next step is to mess with your constitution until it is simply a remnant of what used to be a democracy, but now is your ultimate rule over this land. Remove of EVERY POLICY. Electricity, Water, EVERYTHING. Make sure that nobody gets a tax cut.

Speaking of taxes, you are now going to want to add some new tax laws. Set the taxes for everyone to 29%. “But Lego,” you’re saying, “29% isn’t enough to get me completely assassinated!” And right you are, young padawan. However, there is something else to make sure you do: Give tax raises to everybody. This now puts the tax rate at 31%, and absolutely guarantees that every man, woman, and child will hate you.

Your third step is to add back some policies; some different policies that is. Ban pets. A study in the UK showed that people with pets are 50% more likely to be happy with life. This is not okay. Get rid of them. Build crematoriums where the living pets shall be disposed of from this world.

Remove of Anything That May Infringe You
Your next step starts with checking your active mods. If you happen to have any mods of which remove of abandoned or burned buildings automatically, disable them. Abandoned buildings decrease land value, make people unhappy, and overall help you towards your final goal.

Next, remove anything that keeps people alive. You know all those water and sewage pipes you made to keep everything running together? Find the most efficient way to destroy them. This will be especially easy if you focus all of your facilities in one general area, but do whatever is necessary to take out your entire water grid. You done? Cool, now let’s take out the power grid. You see, the thing about people is that they like to have power. They also like to connect wires through eachothers’ houses that make it easier for them to get power, and that simply will not do. First, find every wind turbine you can find, and destroy it. Find every power plant, no matter how it works, and destroy it; unless if it’s a dam, those are useful. If you have a damn, destroy anything and everything that could make it possible for it to give power to the people, and just use it as an overall nuisance to everybody by blocking up the rivers and, if possible, flood everything, (good.)

At this point, your people are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ themselves. However, they have nowhere to put it. That’s good. Make sure they don’t call anybody to dispose of it for them by simply removing of landfills and incineration plants and whatever may get rid of it. They are to live in their filth. They must be PUNISHED for complaining that 15% was too high of a tax when you needed to build a new bridge.

If you have the Natural Disasters DLC, this paragraph is for you. You see, with that DLC, your government loves nothing more than to save your citizens. This is not okay. You are to take out every helicopter depot, disaster response unit, emergency shelter, ANYTHING that can help your people survive. The only thing you want to keep is radio masts and weather radars, make sure that your people know the torment you are going to do to them before they inevitably die.

Now, take out every cemetery and crematorium: They dispose of dead people, and dead people is our new favourite type of park. Speaking of parks, make sure they’re all gone too.

Remove of every single thing you have that’s municipal. Schools, police stations, anything and everything. If it is even so much as capable of not becoming abandoned, make it go bye bye.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet
Your next step is to press the Speed Up Time button and set it to whatever the maximum is. After that, just wait around for a little while and when you come back, your place should look a little bit like the pictures far below. Your population should be <100, (some people like to stick around through ANYTHING.) The game doesn’t like to keep playing sound when everybody is either dead or gone, so good news, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Just enjoy peace and quiet once and for all; this is your city now, and nobody may take that from you.

don’t forget about destroying your municipal buildings

How To Punish Your Citizens Detail

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