BONELAB: How to continue the campaign

The Guide
One thing, the mall guide looking thing near the elevator in the BONELAB will also tell you what to do, but kinda vaguely, it’s sorta helpful but it’s somewhat vague on what it tells you to do..

1. Go into and play any three of the six available mini games in BONELAB when you first show up.
2. After that’s done, go to the center of the area, there will be a staircase leading up to a generator and a map looking thing.
3. Put the two nearby batteries into the generator.
4. Use the “crane” to place the three “core keys” (the ball things on top of each section) into their respective slots near you, you can tell which ones you can grab by seeing the light going up into the sky (like the mystery box light for you zombies fans)
4a. A tip for using the crane, the button turns the magnet on and off, the left lever is up and down, and the right one is directional.
5. Go through the Quarantine door.
6. ???
7. Profit.

You can also continue to the next level and skip doing this all together by going to the menu to the left of the mirror and bodymall and going to levels and just going to level 3.

One more thing, for those of you who can’t figure out for the life of you how to get the ball collectible things, just grab onto it with both hands and pull it apart.

I hope this helps people out!!!

Also if your crane gets stuck try either reloading the level or pulling it up when you first get it.

How to continue the campaign Detail

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