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The 7’scarlet, was published by Intragames and developer by IDEA FACTORY, TOYBOX. We can define it as 7’scarlet The remote town of Okunezato is shaped like a crescent moon and shrouded in dark myths and legends. Take on the role of a brave young woman journeying into the unknown to uncover dangerous truths and locate her missing brother with her childhood friend. Game release date 12 Mar, 2019. Fortunately, we have written a series of guides to explain all the elements. It supports English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese languages.

7’scarlet Tips and Tricks

The game that has a Very Positive rating on steam. 7’scarlet is a with Adventure category. The areas that the game has are very fun, so you can spend hours without getting bored at all. In this guide we tell you “Character Guide, Mission Guide, Begginer Guide, Item Guide”. You can download all this content from our site completely free of charge in the form of a pdf extension.

Unzip game guides info with winrar. Open the PDF and follow instructions.

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